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def get_transition_probs(labels, tag_transformer):
tags = [tag for tag, idx in tag_transformer.items()]
n = len(tags)
start_cnts, transition_cnts = np.zeros(n), np.zeros((n, n))
for label in labels:
for idx in range(len(label)):
if idx == 0:
start_cnts[tag_transformer[label[idx]]] += 1
transition_cnts[tag_transformer[label[idx-1]], tag_transformer[label[idx]]] += 1
start_cnts = start_cnts/np.sum(start_cnts)
transition_cnts = (transition_cnts.T/np.sum(transition_cnts, axis=1)).T
return start_cnts, transition_cnts
def viterbi_decoding(emission_probs, transition_probs, start_probs, tag_inverse_transformer):
n, m = emission_probs.shape
viterbi_state = np.zeros((n, m))
for i in range(n):
if i == 0:
viterbi_state[i] = emission_probs[i] * start_probs
viterbi_state[i] = np.max(np.multiply.outer(viterbi_state[i-1], emission_probs[i]) * transition_probs, axis=0)
output_states = np.zeros(n)
for i in reversed(range(n)):
if i == n-1:
output_states[i] = np.argmax(viterbi_state[i])
nxt_state = int(output_states[i+1])
output_states[i] = np.argmax(viterbi_state[i] * emission_probs[i+1,nxt_state] * transition_probs[:,nxt_state])
output_states = [tag_inverse_transformer[int(x)] for x in output_states]
return output_states
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