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NSString category for formatting numbers easily with optional NSNumberFormatter settings as block
// use it. get rid of `autorelease` if using arc.
// .h file
@interface NSString (FMNumberFormatter)
+ (NSString *)stringByFormattingNumber:(NSNumber*)number
formatterSettings:(void(^)(NSNumberFormatter* formatter))settingsBlock;
// .m file
@implementation NSString (FMNumberFormatter)
+ (NSString *)stringByFormattingNumber:(NSNumber*)number
formatterSettings:(void(^)(NSNumberFormatter* formatter))settingsBlock {
__block NSNumberFormatter *nf = [ autorelease];
if (settingsBlock) {
return [nf stringFromNumber:number];
// usage
NSString* formattedNumber = [NSString stringByFormattingNumber:@(3500)
formatterSettings:^(NSNumberFormatter *formatter) {
formatter.numberStyle = NSNumberFormatterCurrencyStyle;
formatter.currencyCode = @"JPY";
formatter.groupingSize = 3;
formatter.groupingSeparator = @",";
formatter.usesGroupingSeparator = YES;
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