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Evan Niessen-Derry futuro

  • St. Paul, MN
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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import os
import sphinx_rtd_theme
from recommonmark.parser import CommonMarkParser
from recommonmark.transform import AutoStructify
extensions = []
templates_path = ['_templates']
source_suffix = ['.rst', '.md']
source_parsers = { '.md': CommonMarkParser, }
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set-option -g prefix 'C-\'
unbind-key C-b
bind-key h select-pane -L
bind-key j select-pane -D
bind-key k select-pane -U
bind-key l select-pane -R
# Make sure that window creation commands keep my PWD
bind-key 'c' new-window -c '#{pane_current_path}'
futuro / android-custom.el
Created Feb 14, 2016
Setting up emacs for java development
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(require 'android) ; This is android.el from the sdk
(mapc (lambda (library)
(require library))
'(java-custom android-mode))
(add-hook 'gud-mode-hook
(lambda ()
(add-to-list 'gud-jdb-classpath
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This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
var TimePicker =
/******/ (function(modules) { // webpackBootstrap
/******/ // The module cache
/******/ var installedModules = {};
/******/ // The require function
/******/ function __webpack_require__(moduleId) {
/******/ // Check if module is in cache
futuro / post-merge
Created Aug 27, 2015
Post-merge hook which fixes perms inside the puppet directory. This was a work-around for the fact that I had to clone puppet repos as root, but they had to run as the puppet user.
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# Get some helper functions
. git-sh-setup
# Go to the toplevel of the git directory
# If we're in the puppet modules, run the following, since they're specific to puppet
if [[ "$PWD" == "/etc/puppet/environments/production/modules"* ]]
futuro / dissoc-in.clj
Created Jul 22, 2015
A little snippet on how to remove nested maps with dissoc-in from core.incubator
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wikiparse.core> tstmap
{:front {:middletwo "m2", :middlethree "m3", :middleone :m1}, :back2 "b2", :back1 :b1}
wikiparse.core> (clojure.core.incubator/dissoc-in tstmap [:front :middletwo])
{:front {:middlethree "m3", :middleone :m1}, :back2 "b2", :back1 :b1}
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This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
org.wikibrain.Loader -l simple -s fetchlinks -s download -s dumploader -s redirects -s wikitext -s lucene -s phrases -s concepts -s universal -s wikidata -s spatial -s sr -c customized.conf
Mar 02, 2015 8:30:28 PM org.wikibrain.Loader <init>
INFO: pipeline keeping args: [-l, simple, -c, customized.conf]
Mar 02, 2015 8:30:28 PM org.wikibrain.core.lang.Language loadAllLanguages
INFO: loaded 285 languages
Mar 02, 2015 8:30:31 PM org.wikibrain.conf.Configurator registerProviders
futuro /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
An introduction to underscore.js that can be used with
  1. Copy and paste underscore.js into, and execute it.

  2. Clear that text, then copy/paste whatever you find relevant from intro-to-underscore.js, probably starting with the data structures. Some of the later functions rely on previous work, so keep that in mind if you like to skip around.

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* Chart.js
* Version: 1.0.1
* Copyright 2015 Nick Downie
* Released under the MIT license
futuro / hello-world
Created Jan 11, 2015
hello-world program to show xlib:open-font problems with 9x15bold
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(defun hello-world (width height &optional (host ""))
(let* ((display (xlib:open-display host))
(screen (first (xlib:display-roots display)))
(black (xlib:screen-black-pixel screen))
(white (xlib:screen-white-pixel screen))
(root-window (xlib:screen-root screen))
(grackon (xlib:create-gcontext
:drawable root-window
:font "9x15bold"
:foreground white
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