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@fvdm fvdm/icloud_photostream.js
Last active Jan 27, 2016

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// Only copy new images to another folder:
require ('osx-photostream') ('~/Pictures/iCloud');
// Do more stuff with them:
var ps = require ('osx-photostream') ();
ps.on ('update', function (file) {
console.log ('New image added: ' + file.filename);
// Or do both and first copy to another folder,
// then tell another app a new image is ready using AppleScript.
var ps = require ('osx-photostream') ('~/Pictures/iCloud');
var exec = require ('child_process').exec;
ps.on ('copy', function (file) {
// Forward image to friend
exec ('osascript -e "tell application \"Messages\" to send POSIX file \"' + file.copypath + '\" to buddy \"friend@email.tld\" of service \"E:my@email.tld\""');
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