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Xavier Noria fxn

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[This is a true story.]

My grandfather lived in a small town. He used to go to the theater every weekend.

In those years there was a dictatorship in Spain and theaters ran a regime propaganda documentary before movies started called NO-DO. My grandfather was concerned that he couldn't make it to the movie, he fell asleep watching NO-DO and that was it.

So, he visited very worried Doctor Valentín, who was the town's local doctor. He explained to him he couldn't pass the NO-DO and there was no way for him not to fall asleep. The doctor said: "Joaquín, do you know how many people come here to get sleeping pills? If you are sleepy, sleep!"

He left the doctor relieved, and just slept.

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Patch '' not found.
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vagrant@rails-docs-server:~$ rvm install 2.0.0-p598 --patch railsexpress -n railsexpress
Checking requirements for ubuntu.
Installing requirements for ubuntu.
Updating system......
Installing required packages: libreadline6-dev, zlib1g-dev, libssl-dev, libyaml-dev, libsqlite3-dev, sqlite3, autoconf, libgdbm-dev, libncurses5-dev, automake, libtool, bison, pkg-config, libffi-dev..............
Requirements installation successful.
Installing Ruby from source to: /home/vagrant/.rvm/rubies/ruby-2.0.0-p598-railsexpress, this may take a while depending on your cpu(s)...
ruby-2.0.0-p598-railsexpress - #downloading ruby-2.0.0-p598, this may take a while depending on your connection...
% Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
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module M
X = 1
module N
include M
N.const_defined?(:X) # => false in 1.8
fxn / moved
Created Oct 29, 2008
Rails core contributors
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fxn / moved
Created Feb 17, 2009
script that generates the list of Rails contributors
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# Throw this into your bash init file for automatic
# paging of a few svn commands, a la git.
SVN_PATH=`which svn`
function svn
case $1 in
cat | diff | help | list | log )
if test -t 1
fxn / .fxn.bashrc
Created Jan 9, 2010
bash stuff common to different computers
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# ls(1)
alias ls='ls -F'
alias ll='ls -lh'
alias la='ls -lhA'
# Rails commands
alias ss='script/server'
alias sc='script/console'
alias sr='script/runner'
alias sa='script/about'