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studying maths

Foster Honeywell fyrk

studying maths
  • New York
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Last active Feb 8, 2017
E:D flight log - 8 Feb 3303

LHS 3447

Fed territory. Zach Hudson. Trevithick Dock. They want me to run some data to Erevate to prove I can actually fly.


Russell Ring. Delivered the data. I've got 11k in my pocket now. Talked around, but everyone scoffs at me. Upgraded my distributor, hoping to stand a chance in a dogfight.

Alrai Sector KH-V B2-1

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Created Nov 26, 2016
thoney's comic collection


After Death (Snyder/Lemire)


  • 1

Black Science (Remender/Scalera/White)


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Created Nov 24, 2015
Rdio: The Little Things
  • Custom playlist images
  • Search for and add songs from within playlists
  • Similar to... recommendations
  • Rock solid interface.
  • Precise release dates on albums
  • Reviews and comments on albums
  • "Similar" recommendation on each album
  • Playcounts, playlists, and friends listened on every album
  • "Keep Listening" history
  • Emphasis on you and your friends, not global release stuff
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Last active Aug 29, 2015
My own personal pros and cons concerning WildStar

#WildStar: the Awesome! and the Aww :(


  • The game is hard. The world is dangerous. The enemies are brutal. You will die.
  • Combat is a skill-based telegraph action system.
  • "Limited Action Set" requires you to carefully consider your skillset. And modify it. And modify it again.
  • The artstyle is vibrant and rendered with loving detail.
  • There are distinct classes and roles.
  • The game has an excellent sense of humor.
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Last active Jun 26, 2016 — forked from henare/mw-to-gollum.rb
Convert a wiki from MediaWiki to Gollum.

Note that while this will convert a wiki from MediaWiki to Gollum, and links will be preserved, content formatting for the most part will be broken until you set the proper content type for Gollum.

  1. Install dependancies:

    gem install hpricot
    gem install gollum
    gem install gollum-lib
    gem install wikicloth
fyrk / apps-default.txt
Last active Dec 19, 2015
thoney's default app installs on OSX
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Chrome - the only browser for me
Rdio - music. i've tried them all. rdio wins.
Dropbox - files
Google Drive - more files
Colloquy - IRC
Postbox - beats Mail fair and square
modo - 3D modeling
iTerm - nicer than Terminal in a number of regards
Aperture - photo management
VirtualBox - need i say more?
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Created Jun 24, 2013
for sale: 24 June 2013


==========>> Textbooks <<==========

  • Cartoon Animation (Preston Blair)
  • Cloud Computing (Jamsa)
  • Digital Sculpting with Mudbox (de la Flor & Mongeon)
  • Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters (Robert Beverly Hale)
  • Elements of Number Theory (Pettofrezzo & Byrkit)
  • Introduction to the Practice of Statistics (Moore, McCabe & Craig, 7th ed.)
  • Introductory Statistics (Weiss, 8th ed.)
fyrk / Diplomacy: Summer 1905
Created Apr 28, 2013
Diplomacy: Summer 1905
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A: Belgium
F: Norway, North Sea, Irish Sea, English Channel, Brest
C: Norway, Edinburgh, Liverpool, London, Belgium, Brest
A: Moscow, Ukraine, Romania, Budapest
F: Sevastapol

Diplomacy Rules


If one player controls 18 or more supply centers the game ends. If all remaining players agree to peace they all win.

Turn Sequence

Turns alternate between Spring and Fall, starting with spring 1901.

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"cmd": ["nmake", "all"],
"shell": true,
"file_regex": "^(..[^:]*):([0-9]+):?([0-9]+)?:? (.*)$",
"working_dir": "${project_path}",