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We used this guy to ensure that our webservers and databases were running,and if things were replicating as they should. In case of an "event", the script would email everyone and throw up a maintenance page until it was fixed.
#@note python pinger::Python::python-pinger
import os
import sys
import re
import smtplib
import MySQLdb
from email.MIMEText import MIMEText
webservers = ["", ""]
mysqlservers = ["", ""]
search = re.compile(r"(\d) received")
def mailit(msg,sub):
from_addr = 'root@localhost'
to_addr = ['']
msg = MIMEText(msg)
msg['Subject'] = sub
msg['From'] = from_addr
# mail it out
smtp = smtplib.SMTP()
smtp.sendmail( from_addr, to_addr, msg.as_string())
for ip in webservers:
cmd = "ping -q -c2 " +ip
ping = os.popen(cmd)
web_offline = "/home/foo/weboffline_" + ip
while 1:
resp = ping.readline()
if not resp: break
packets = re.findall(search,resp)
if (packets and int(packets[0]) == 0 and os.path.isfile(web_offline) == False):
msg = "It appears web server %s is down - please check right away" % ip
sub = 'URGENT: SERVER %s is down' % ip
mailit( msg, sub)
elif( os.path.isfile(web_offline) ):
os.remove( web_offline )
msg = "Web server %s is back up" % ip
sub = "SERVER %s is back up" % ip
mailit( msg, sub )
# Check MySQL database connections
for host in mysqlservers:
my_offline = "/home/foo/myoffline_" + host
conn = MySQLdb.connect (host, user = "root", passwd = "", db = "bar")
if( os.path.isfile( my_offline ) ):
os.remove( my_offline )
msg = "MySQL SERVER %s is back up" % host
sub = "MYSQL SERVER %s is back up" % host
mailit( msg, sub )
except MySQLdb.Error:
msg = "It appears mysql server %s is down - please check right away. " % host
# Copy over the static file
if( os.path.isfile( my_offline ) == False ):
open( my_offline,'wt')
if ( host == "" or host == ""):
msg += "The /home page has been replaced with a static home page. This will be fixed when the MySQL database is fixed"
# Mail Someone
sub = 'URGENT: MYSQL SERVER %s is down' % host
mailit( msg, sub)
# Check to be sure MySQL replication is running
cmd = "mysql -u root -h < check_slave_status.sql"
runit = os.popen(cmd)
search = re.compile( 'Slave_IO_Running:\s(.*)\n')
while 1:
resp = runit.readline()
if not resp: break
p = re.findall(search,resp)
if p:
if( p[0] != 'Yes' and os.path.isfile('/home/foo/my_replication_offline')):
msg = "It appears that mysql replication has crashed out between db1 and db2"
open( '/root/my_replication_offline', 'wt' )
mailit( msg, sub )
elif( os.path.isfile( '/home/foo/my_replication_offline' ) != False ):
os.remove( '/home/foo/my_replication_offline' )
msg = "MySQL replication has been restored"
mailit( msg, sub )
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