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gaetjen / ExploreGraphics.txt
Created May 17, 2017
ExploreGraphics with maintaining AspectRatio
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ExploreGraphics::usage =
"Pass a Graphics object to explore it by zooming and panning with \
left and right mouse buttons respectively. Left click once to reset \
OptAxesRedraw::usage =
"Option for ExploreGraphics to specify redrawing of axes. Default \
Options[ExploreGraphics] = {OptAxesRedraw -> True};
ExploreGraphics[graph_Graphics, opts : OptionsPattern[]] :=
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07.02.2018 11:23: Falcon Heavy launch {f}
07.02.2018 17:21: SSC: Burdens (We were here first); first comment {w}
07.02.2018 21:18: thinking about how hard it is to pull the lever in a trolley problem {s}
09.02.2018 09:25: thinking about how grateful I am for all the support I've been getting for my thesis while listening to Habits - Tove Lo {sm}
10.02.2018 12:52: after improvising on ma joue by jollybard on the cello {sm}
10.02.2018 20:28: singing and playing haMephorash {m}
11.02.2018 10:26: relaxing arms to let my "heart burst", resulting in euphoria/bliss {s}
11.02.2018 11:25: REDACTED {s}
11.02.2018 11:26: listening to "the dragonborn comes" {m}
12.02.2018 10:44: REDACTED {s}