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#### PRY
- ls (list methods) in self
- ls —grep finds specific names
- cd \<object\> cds into the object... ie that is the new self.
- ? (show-doc) Class#method / object.method
- $ (show-method) Class#method / object.method
- next (next line without stepping through function calls)
- step (next line respecting function call)
- play -l 6 (play line number 6... same as copyig and pasting that line)
- edit (opens up the editor to edit the file) / edit -m (edit current method)
- edit \<method\> edits the specific method
- try-again (I think that is a part of pry-rescue which re-runs the specific failing? test or rails request)
- break \<method\> break on the method
- break -d 1 disable first breakpoint.
- up / down (go and and down the call stack)
- whereami (get information on where you are in the call stack)
- \_ex\_ recently raised exception
- \_file\_ (last required file)
- binding.pry open pry within the current binding
- \_ex\_.bractrace gives backtrace of the exception
- wtf gives first five lines of the backtrace
- wtf??? with increasing question marks gives increasing lines of backtrace.
- exit-program exit all future breakpoints and the current running process.
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