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A possible implementation of TestAssetBundle for Flutter tests
class TestAssetBundle extends CachingAssetBundle {
TestAssetBundle(Map<String, List<String>> assets) : _assets = assets {
for (String assetList in assets.keys) {
for (String asset in assets[assetList]) {
_assetMap[asset] = bytesForFile(asset);
final Map<String, ByteData> _assetMap = <String, ByteData>{};
final Map<String, List<String>> _assets;
Future<ByteData> load(String key) {
if (key == 'AssetManifest.json') {
return Future<ByteData>.value(bytesForJsonLike(_assets));
return Future<ByteData>.value(_assetMap[key]);
ByteData bytesForJsonLike(Map<String, dynamic> jsonLike) => ByteData.view(
Uint8List.fromList(const Utf8Encoder().convert(json.encode(jsonLike)))
ByteData bytesForFile(String path) => ByteData.view(
Uint8List.fromList(File('../' + path).readAsBytesSync()).buffer);
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