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Powershell to asynchronously refresh analysis server model in azure
using namespace System.Net
# Input bindings are passed in via param block.
param($Request, $TriggerMetadata)
# Init defaults
$status = [HttpStatusCode]::BadRequest
$ErrorActionPreference = "STOP"
$RequestBody = $Request.Body
if (!$RequestBody) {
Push-OutputBinding -Name Response -Value ([HttpResponseContext]@{
StatusCode = $status
Body = "Please pass a valid body in the request's body."
else {
# Retrieve AAS details from request body
$AnalysisServerName = $RequestBody.AnalysisServerName
$AnalysisServerLocation = $RequestBody.AnalysisServerLocation
$ModelName = $RequestBody.ModelName
$AASObject = $RequestBody.AASObject
#check if AASObject is empty or not. Irrespective of documentation
#We need Refresh Type for a call as mandatory param
if (!$AASObject -or ($AASObject.Count -eq 0)) {
$AASObject = @{
'Type' = 'Full'
try {
$analysisServerResource = Get-AzAnalysisServicesServer -Name $AnalysisServerName
Write-Output "Fetching access token to refresh the model"
#fetch access token which will be used to refresh the models
$Output = New-Object -TypeName hashtable
Get-AccessToken -Output $Output #fetch access token using the PS here
#request body to be sent to AAS REST API
$jsonBody = $AASObject | ConvertTo-Json;
Write-Output "The body of the REST API call to refresh the model is"
Write-Output $jsonBody
$uri = "https://$$AnalysisServerName/models/$ModelName/refreshes"
Write-Output "Invoking POST $uri"
#$Output.AuthHeaders follows the following format
#$Output.AuthHeaders = @{
#'Content-Type' = 'application/json'
#'Authorization' = "Bearer " + access_token
$PostSplat = @{
Method = 'POST'
Body = $jsonBody
Uri = $uri
Headers = $Output.AuthHeaders
$results = Invoke-RestMethod @PostSplat
Write-Output $results
$status = [HttpStatusCode]::OK
Push-OutputBinding -Name Response -Value ([HttpResponseContext]@{
StatusCode = $status
Body = $results
catch {
Write-Output "Exception was thrown. Details below."
Push-OutputBinding -Name Response -Value ([HttpResponseContext]@{
StatusCode = $status
Body = $_
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