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# install istio, add-ons, and roles
# required dashboard access and istio roles
kubectl apply \
-f ./other/kube-system-cluster-admin.yaml \
-f ./other/cluster-admin-binding.yaml
# istio
kubectl apply \
-f $ISTIO_HOME/install/kubernetes/istio-auth.yaml \
-f $ISTIO_HOME/install/kubernetes/istio-initializer.yaml
# add-ons
kubectl apply \
-f $ISTIO_HOME/install/kubernetes/addons/prometheus.yaml \
-f $ISTIO_HOME/install/kubernetes/addons/grafana.yaml \
-f $ISTIO_HOME/install/kubernetes/addons/servicegraph.yaml \
-f $ISTIO_HOME/install/kubernetes/addons/zipkin.yaml \
-f $ISTIO_HOME/install/kubernetes/addons/zipkin-to-stackdriver.yaml
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