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# author: Gary A. Stafford
# site:
# license: MIT License
# purpose: Update Cloud DNS A Records
# Constants - CHANGE ME!
readonly PROJECT='gke-confluent-atlas'
readonly DOMAIN=''
readonly ZONE='storefront-demo-com-zone'
readonly REGION='us-central1'
readonly TTL=300
readonly RECORDS=('dev' 'test' 'uat')
# Make sure any old load balancers were removed
if [ $(gcloud compute forwarding-rules list --filter "region:($REGION)" | wc -l | awk '{$1=$1};1') -gt 2 ]; then
echo "More than one load balancer detected, exiting script."
exit 1
# Get load balancer IP address from first record
readonly OLD_IP=$(gcloud dns record-sets list \
--filter "name=${RECORDS[0]}.api.${DOMAIN}." --zone $ZONE \
| awk 'NR==2 {print $4}')
readonly NEW_IP=$(gcloud compute forwarding-rules list \
--filter "region:($REGION)" \
| awk 'NR==2 {print $3}')
echo "Old LB IP Address: ${OLD_IP}"
echo "New LB IP Address: ${NEW_IP}"
# Update DNS records
gcloud dns record-sets transaction start --zone $ZONE
for record in ${RECORDS[@]}; do
echo "${record}.api.${DOMAIN}."
gcloud dns record-sets transaction remove \
--name "${record}.api.${DOMAIN}." --ttl $TTL \
--type A --zone $ZONE "${OLD_IP}"
gcloud dns record-sets transaction add \
--name "${record}.api.${DOMAIN}." --ttl $TTL \
--type A --zone $ZONE "${NEW_IP}"
gcloud dns record-sets transaction execute --zone $ZONE
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