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import io.quarkus.hibernate.reactive.panache.common.runtime.ReactiveTransactional;
import io.smallrye.mutiny.Uni;
import org.jboss.resteasy.reactive.ResponseStatus;
import javax.inject.Inject;
import java.util.List;
public class SaleResource {
SaleRepository saleRepository;
public Uni<List<SaleEntity>> list(
@QueryParam("sort_by") String sortBy,
@QueryParam("order_by") String orderBy,
@QueryParam("page") int page,
@QueryParam("size") int size
) {
return saleRepository.listWithPaging(sortBy, orderBy, page, size);
public Uni<SaleEntity> get(Integer id) {
return SaleEntity.findById(id);
public Uni<SaleEntity> create(SaleEntity sale) {
return SaleEntity.persist(sale).replaceWith(sale);
public Uni<SaleEntity> update(Integer id, SaleEntity sale) {
return SaleEntity.<SaleEntity>findById(id).onItem().ifNotNull().invoke(
entity -> {
entity.quantitySold = sale.quantitySold;
entity.pricePaid = sale.pricePaid;
entity.commission = sale.commission;
entity.saleTime = sale.saleTime;
entity.listing = sale.listing;
entity.buyer = sale.buyer;
public Uni<Void> delete(Integer id) {
return SaleEntity.deleteById(id).replaceWithVoid();
public Uni<List<SaleEntity>> getByEventId(Integer id) {
return saleRepository.getByEventId(id);
public Uni<List<SaleEntity>> getByListingId(Integer id) {
return SaleEntity.list("listid", id);
public Uni<List<SaleEntity>> getByBuyerId(Integer id) {
return SaleEntity.list("buyerid", id);
public Uni<List<SaleEntity>> getBySellerId(Integer id) {
return saleRepository.getBySellerId(id);
public Uni<Long> count() {
return SaleEntity.count();
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