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jenkins-glassfish-deploy Ant target from my blog post, 'Automated Deployment to GlassFish Using Jenkins CI Server and Apache Ant':
<!-- Older style. Not what is in repo on GitHub. -->
<target name="jenkins-glassfish-deploy"
description="Clean, build, test and deploy application to GlassFish">
<antcall target="clean">
<antcall target="default">
<antcall target="test">
<exec failonerror="true" executable="cmd" description="Deploy to GlassFish">
<arg value="/c" />
<arg value="asadmin --echo=true --host=localhost --port=4848 --user=admin
--passwordfile=pwdfile_domain1 --secure=false
deploy --force=true --name=HelloGlassFish --contextroot=/HelloGlassFish dist\HelloGlassFish.war" />
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