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"device_id": "0447383033363932003C0034",
"gateway_id": "00000000f62051ce",
"temperature": 74.48,
"humidity": 45.73,
"pressure": 29.13,
"red": 17,
"green": 42,
"blue": 40,
"ambient": 66,
"ts": 1598543131.9861386,
"device": "lora-iot-gateway-01",
"msg_received": "2020-08-27T15:45:32.024+0000",
"metadata": {
"defaultclientid": "lora-iot-gateway-01",
"thingname": "lora-iot-gateway-01",
"thingid": "017db4b8-7fca-4617-aa58-7125dd94ab36",
"thingarn": "arn:aws:iot:us-east-1:123456789012:thing/lora-iot-gateway-01",
"thingtypename": "LoRaIoTGateway",
"attributes": {
"loramfr": "REYAX",
"gatewaymfr": "RaspberryPiFoundation",
"loramodel": "RYLR896"
"version": "2",
"billinggroupname": "LoRaIoTGateways"
"__dt": "2020-08-27 00:00:00.000"
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