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"co": 0.0048,
"device": "iot-device-01",
"humidity": 68.81,
"light": true,
"lpg": 0.0075,
"metadata": "{defaultclientid=iot-device-01, thingname=iot-device-01, thingid=5de1c2af-14b4-49b5-b20b-b25cf251b01a, thingarn=arn:aws:iot:us-east-1:864887685992:thing/iot-device-01, thingtypename=null, attributes={installed=1594665292, latitude=37.4133144, longitude=-122.1513069}, version=2, billinggroupname=null}",
"msg_received": "2020-07-13T19:44:58.690+0000",
"motion": false,
"smoke": 0.0199,
"temp": 66.56,
"ts": 1594496359.235107
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