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"JobRun": {
"Id": "jr_f7186b26bf042ea7773ad08704d012d05299f080e7ac9b696ca8dd575f79506b",
"Attempt": 0,
"JobName": "rates-xml-to-parquet",
"StartedOn": 1578022390.301,
"LastModifiedOn": 1578023285.632,
"CompletedOn": 1578023285.632,
"JobRunState": "SUCCEEDED",
"PredecessorRuns": [],
"AllocatedCapacity": 10,
"ExecutionTime": 135,
"Timeout": 2880,
"MaxCapacity": 10.0,
"LogGroupName": "/aws-glue/jobs",
"GlueVersion": "1.0"
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