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@gaulinmp gaulinmp/GET_FFDATA.SAS
Last active Jan 26, 2016

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SAS Macros file for all my common macros.
/*******************READ ME*********************************************
* - Macro to download and parse the Fama French Factors -
* SAS VERSION: 9.4.0
* DATE: 2015-12-15
* AUTHOR: gaulinmp (@gmail)
* ORIGIN: edwinhu (
****************END OF READ ME******************************************/
%macro GET_FFDATA(file=,
* GOAL: Download and parse FF factors
* PARAMETERS: file = Fama-French file to parse (see Kenneth French's website)
can be '', 'weekly', or 'daily'
* dsetout = output dataset (default ff_factors)
* align = alignment of FF date within month (default 'E')
* NOTE: Requires Linux. Or wget, ls, unzip, and rm available on PATH.
%LET frenchftpurl =;
%IF %NRBQUOTE(&local.)=%NRBQUOTE(work) %THEN %LET local = %sysfunc(getoption(work))/;
%LET local = /tmp/;
%LET file_clean = F-F_Research_Data_Factors;
%LET first = 5;
%IF %NRBQUOTE(&file.)=%NRBQUOTE(weekly) %THEN %LET first=6;
%IF %NRBQUOTE(&file.)=%NRBQUOTE(weekly) %THEN %LET first_clean=&first_clean._weekly;
%IF %NRBQUOTE(&file.)=%NRBQUOTE(daily) %THEN %LET first=6;
%IF %NRBQUOTE(&file.)=%NRBQUOTE(daily) %THEN %LET first_clean=&first_clean._daily;
%LET ftp_url = &frenchftpurl.&;
%PUT "Downloading &ftp_url to &local.";
X "wget -O & &ftp_url";
X "ls &local.*.zip";
X "unzip -o & -d &local.";
X "rm &";
FILENAME ff_in "&local.&file_clean..txt";
/* Create file */
DROP TABLE &dsetout.;
DATA &dsetout.;
INFORMAT date yymmn6.;
FORMAT date yymmn6.;
INFILE ff_in
/* Adjust dates to end of month */
%IF %UPCASE(&align.)='B' OR %UPCASE(&align.)='M',
OR %UPCASE(&align.)='E' OR %UPCASE(&align.)='S' %THEN %DO;
DATA &dsetout.;SET &dsetout.;
date = INTNX('month',
DROP month year;
%MACRO example_wrds_pull();
SELECT f.gvkey, f.datadate AS date, f.fyear AS YEAR
,dvp AS DIVIDENDS /* 19: Dividends (Preferred/Preference) */
,dvc AS DIVIDENDS /* 21: Dividends (Common/Ordinary) */
,dlc AS DEBT_ST /* 34: Short Term Debt */
,dltt AS DEBT_LT /* 9: Long Term Debt */
,at /* 6: Book Assets (Total Assets) */
,lt /* 181: Book Liabilities (Total Liabilities) */
,oibdp /* 13: Operating Income Before Depreciation */
,prcc_f AS PRCC /* 199: Stock Price Fiscal YE */
,cshpri AS SHARES /* 54: Shares Outstanding */
,pstkl /* 10: Preferred Stock Liquidating Value */
,txditc /* 35: Deferred Taxes and Invst. Tax Credits */
,invt /* 3: Inventory */
,ppent /* 8: PPE Net */
,pi /* 170: Pre Tax Income */
,sale /* 12: Sales */
,re /* 36: Retained earnings */
,act /* 4: Current Assets - Total */
,lct /* 5: Current Liabilities - Total */
,csho /* 25: Common shares outstanding */
,xrd /* 46: Research and Development Expense */
,ajex /* 27: Adjustment Factor - Cumulative by Ex-Date */
FROM comp.funda AS f
LEFT JOIN comp.NAMES as nam
ON f.gvkey = nam.gvkey
AND DATADATE >= '01JAN1960'd
AND DATADATE <= '01JAN2012'd
/*AND nam.sic NOT LIKE "6%"*/;
SELECT DISTINCT t1.gvkey, dsf.permno,
,ABS(dsf.prc) AS price, dsf.ret, dsf.retx
ON lnk.gvkey = t1.gvkey
LEFT JOIN crsp.dsf AS dsf
ON dsf.permno = lnk.lpermno;
DATA= funda
OUT= c.funda;
DATA= crsp
OUT= c.crsp;
%MEND example_wrds_pull;
%PUT %NRSTR(%%)CONCATABLES(train, caboose);
%MACRO CONCATABLES(train, caboose);
DATA &train;
SET &caboose;
DATA &train;
SET &train &caboose;
%PUT %NRSTR(%%)DROPTABLES(table_list) %NRSTR(*Separated by commas;);
%LET local_var_list = %SUBSTR (&syspbuff, 2, %EVAL(%LENGTH(&syspbuff)-2));
%PUT Syspbuff contains: &local_var_list;
DROP TABLE &local_var_list;
PROC CONTENTS DATA=&tabnam OUT=tmp_meta_delete_this (KEEP=name);RUN;
PROC PRINT DATA=tmp_meta_delete_this;RUN;
%PUT %NRSTR(%%)IS_UNIQUE(db_in, %NRSTR(%%)(val1,val2,...));
%MACRO IS_UNIQUE(db_in, table_list);
CREATE TABLE check_unique_tmp_table AS
FROM &db_in
GROUP BY &table_list
%PUT %NRSTR(%%)EXPORT_STATA(db_in=,filename=);
%MACRO EXPORT_STATA(db_in=,filename=);
%PUT %NRSTR(%%)EXPORT(dbms=TAB,db_in=syslast,filename=);
%MACRO EXPORT(dbms=TAB,db_in=&syslast.,filename=);
OUTFILE= &filename
%PUT %NRSTR(%%)HEAD(db_in=syslast, n=2);
%MACRO HEAD(db_in=&syslast, n=2);
PROC PRINT DATA=&db_in(obs=&n);
%PUT %NRSTR(%%)STATS(db_in=tmp,db_out=summary_stats,vars=ret, by=none);
%MACRO STATS(db_in=tmp,db_out=summary_stats,vars=ret, by=none);
%local count;
%let count=0;
%DO %WHILE(%QSCAN(&vars,&count+1,%STR( )) ne %STR());
%let var = %QSCAN(&vars,&count+1,%STR( ));
%PUT &var;
%IF &by ne none %THEN %DO;
BY &by;
VAR &var;
OUTPUT OUT=xxtmpxxasdf MEAN=mean STD=standard_dev
T=tstat PROBT=pstat MIN=min P1=pct1 Q1=pct25
MEDIAN=median Q3=pct75 P99=pct99 MAX=max N=nobs;
%IF &by ne none %THEN %DO;
BY &by;
DATA &var;
LENGTH varname $ 12;
VARNAME = "&var";
SET xxtmpxxasdf;
DATA &db_out;
SET &var;
DATA &db_out;
MERGE &db_out &var;
BY varname;
DROP TABLE xxtmpxxasdf, &var;
%LET count = %EVAL(&count+1);
%PUT %NRSTR(%%)REMOVE_LABELS(library.database);
%LET src = %SYSFUNC(GETOPTION(source));
OPTIONS nonotes nosource;
%IF %SCAN(&string,2,%str(.)) = %THEN %DO;
%LET lib_str = user;
%LET db_str = %scan(&string,1,%str(.));
%PUT No library entered, defaulting to &lib_str;
%LET lib_str = %scan(&string,1,%str(.));
%LET db_str = %scan(&string,2,%str(.));
%IF %SYSFUNC(EXIST(&lib_str..&db_str)) %THEN %DO;
MODIFY &db_str;
%PUT Modified &lib_str..&db_str;
%PUT Library or database do not exist.;
OPTIONS &src &nt;
%PUT %NRSTR(%%)WRDS("open/close");
%MACRO WRDS(action);
%IF &action = "open" %THEN %DO;
%LET 4016;
%LET pass=%STR({sasenc}B24B51461A717C14420E928208ACE601302FA42733A74A2700ACDA3B1BFD75F551D891AE0B496183457148A1482C287B);
OPTIONS comamid=TCP remote=WRDS;
SIGNON USERNAME="gaulinmp" PASSWORD="&pass";
%PUT %NRSTR(%%)FSERVER("open/close");
%IF &action = "open" %THEN %DO;
%LET 5019;
FILENAME rlink "D:\Program Files\SASHome\SASFoundation\9.3\connect\saslink\tcpunix.scr";
* Trim or winsorize macro from, somewhat modified.
* Note: If the percentile restriction cutoff is the two extreme
* observations then this winsorization technique sets
* the two extremes equal to the second and N-1 values.
* In other words, the winsorization changes AT LEAST two
* variables, even for small datasets. Samples of <5 have not
* been tested. Use at your own risk. As always, look at your data.
* db_in = dataset to winsorize/trim
* db_out = dataset to output with winsorized/trimmed values
* vars = list of variables to winsorize (in place, no commas)
* type = delete/winsor (delete will trim, winsor will winsorize
* byvar = subsetting variables to winsorize/trim on
* pctl_low/high = percentile (in percent) to winsorize to
* debug = set to true (no quotes) to keep intermediate files and vars
%PUT %NRSTR(%%)winsor(db_in=,db_out=,vars=, byvar=none, type=winsor, pctl_low=1, pctl_high=99, debug=false);
%MACRO winsor(db_in=,db_out=,vars=, byvar=none, type=winsor, pctl_low=1, pctl_high=99, debug=false);
%if &db_out = %then %let db_out = &db_in;
%let varL=;
%let varH=;
%let xn=1;
%do %until ( %scan(&vars,&xn)= );
%let token = %scan(&vars,&xn);
%let varL = &varL &token.L;
%let varH = &varH &token.H;
%let xn=%EVAL(&xn + 1);
%let xn=%eval(&xn-1);
/* If there is no BY variable, then make it 1. */
%IF &byvar = none %THEN %DO;
%LET byvar = 1;
data xtemp;
set &db_in;
tmp_byvar = &byvar;
CREATE TABLE xtemp_pctl AS
FROM xtemp
ORDER BY tmp_byvar;
BY tmp_byvar;
%local count;
%let count=0;
%DO %WHILE(%QSCAN(&vars,&count+1,%STR( )) ne %STR());
%LET vari = %QSCAN(&vars,&count+1,%STR( ));
%LET variL = %SYSFUNC(catx(,&vari,L));
%LET variH = %SYSFUNC(catx(,&vari,H));
%PUT &variL &variH;
BY tmp_byvar &vari;
,COUNT(*) AS x_num_x
,CEIL(COUNT(*) * &pctl_low / 100) AS x_num_low_x
,FLOOR(COUNT(*) * &pctl_high / 100) AS x_num_high_x
FROM (SELECT * FROM xtemp WHERE &vari NE .)
GROUP BY tmp_byvar
ORDER BY tmp_byvar, &vari;
DATA xtemp3;
SET xtemp2;
BY tmp_byvar;
RETAIN x_groupstart_x;
IF FIRST.tmp_byvar THEN x_groupstart_x = _N_ - 1;
x_byvarrank_x = _N_ - x_groupstart_x;
*DROP x_groupstart_x;
SELECT DISTINCT tmp_byvar, &vari
,x_groupstart_x, x_num_x, x_byvarrank_x, x_num_low_x, x_num_high_x
FROM xtemp3
WHERE x_num_low_x + 1 = x_byvarrank_x;
SELECT DISTINCT tmp_byvar, &vari
,x_groupstart_x, x_num_x, x_byvarrank_x, x_num_low_x, x_num_high_x
FROM xtemp3
WHERE x_num_high_x = x_byvarrank_x;
CREATE TABLE xtemp_pctl2 AS
,b.&vari AS &variL
,c.&vari AS &variH
FROM xtemp_pctl AS a
LEFT JOIN xtemp4 AS b
ON a.tmp_byvar = b.tmp_byvar
LEFT JOIN xtemp5 AS c
ON a.tmp_byvar = c.tmp_byvar;
DATA xtemp_pctl;
SET xtemp_pctl2;
%LET count = %EVAL(&count+1);
BY tmp_byvar;
data &db_out;
merge xtemp xtemp_pctl;
by tmp_byvar;
array trimvars{&xn} &vars;
array trimvarl{&xn} &varL;
array trimvarh{&xn} &varH;
do xi = 1 to dim(trimvars);
%if &type = winsor %then %do;
if not missing(trimvars{xi}) then do;
if (trimvars{xi} < trimvarl{xi}) then trimvars{xi} = trimvarl{xi};
if (trimvars{xi} > trimvarh{xi}) then trimvars{xi} = trimvarh{xi};
%else %do;
if not missing(trimvars{xi}) then do;
if (trimvars{xi} < trimvarl{xi}) then delete;
if (trimvars{xi} > trimvarh{xi}) then delete;
%IF &debug NE true %THEN %DO;
DROP &varL &varH xi tmp_byvar;
%IF &debug NE true %THEN %DO;
%PUT Dropping temp files.;
DROP TABLE xtemp, xtemp2, xtemp3, xtemp4, xtemp5, xtemp_pctl, xtemp_pctl2;
%PUT "End winsor function: &vars.";
%MEND winsor;
%PUT %NRSTR(%%)YFE(var, from, to);
%MACRO YFE(var, from, to);
%DO i=&from %TO &to;
WHEN &var = &i THEN 1
END AS yr&i
* Generates Fama-French industry codes based on four-digit SIC codes.
* Outputs the original dataset with appended industry code information:
* db_in input dataset name
* sic four-digit sic code variable name
* db_out output dataset
* dummy_prefix prefix for industry binary variables (default: ffind)
* ind_var name of industry codes (1-48) variable (default: ffindn)
%let _industry_fe= i1 i2 i3 i4 i5 i6 i7 i8 i9
i10 i11 i12 i13 i14 i15 i16 i17 i18 i19
i20 i21 i22 i23 i24 i25 i26 i27 i28 i29
i30 i31 i32 i33 i34 i35 i36 i37 i38 i39
i40 i41 i42 i43 i44 i45 i46 i47 i48;
%PUT %NRSTR(%%)ind_ff48 (db_in, db_out, sic, dummy_prefix=ffind, ind_var=ffindn );
%macro ind_ff48 (db_in, db_out, sic, dummy_prefix=ffind, ind_var=ffindn );
data &db_out;
set &db_in;
* 1 Agric Agriculture;
if &sic ge 0100 and &sic le 0199 then FF_IND='AGRIC';
if &sic ge 0200 and &sic le 0299 then FF_IND='AGRIC';
if &sic ge 0700 and &sic le 0799 then FF_IND='AGRIC';
if &sic ge 0910 and &sic le 0919 then FF_IND='AGRIC';
if &sic ge 2048 and &sic le 2048 then FF_IND='AGRIC';
if FF_IND='AGRIC' then &ind_var=1;
* 2 Food Food Products;
if &sic ge 2000 and &sic le 2009 then FF_IND='FOOD';
if &sic ge 2010 and &sic le 2019 then FF_IND='FOOD';
if &sic ge 2020 and &sic le 2029 then FF_IND='FOOD';
if &sic ge 2030 and &sic le 2039 then FF_IND='FOOD';
if &sic ge 2040 and &sic le 2046 then FF_IND='FOOD';
if &sic ge 2050 and &sic le 2059 then FF_IND='FOOD';
if &sic ge 2060 and &sic le 2063 then FF_IND='FOOD';
if &sic ge 2070 and &sic le 2079 then FF_IND='FOOD';
if &sic ge 2090 and &sic le 2092 then FF_IND='FOOD';
if &sic ge 2095 and &sic le 2095 then FF_IND='FOOD';
if &sic ge 2098 and &sic le 2099 then FF_IND='FOOD';
if FF_IND='FOOD' then &ind_var=2;
* 3 Soda Candy & Soda;
if &sic ge 2064 and &sic le 2068 then FF_IND='SODA';
if &sic ge 2086 and &sic le 2086 then FF_IND='SODA';
if &sic ge 2087 and &sic le 2087 then FF_IND='SODA';
if &sic ge 2096 and &sic le 2096 then FF_IND='SODA';
if &sic ge 2097 and &sic le 2097 then FF_IND='SODA';
if FF_IND='SODA' then &ind_var=3;
* 4 Beer Beer & Liquor;
if &sic ge 2080 and &sic le 2080 then FF_IND='BEER';
if &sic ge 2082 and &sic le 2082 then FF_IND='BEER';
if &sic ge 2083 and &sic le 2083 then FF_IND='BEER';
if &sic ge 2084 and &sic le 2084 then FF_IND='BEER';
if &sic ge 2085 and &sic le 2085 then FF_IND='BEER';
if FF_IND='BEER' then &ind_var=4;
* 5 Smoke Tobacco Products;
if &sic ge 2100 and &sic le 2199 then FF_IND='SMOKE';
if FF_IND='SMOKE' then &ind_var=5;
* 6 Toys Recreation;
if &sic ge 0920 and &sic le 0999 then FF_IND='TOYS';
if &sic ge 3650 and &sic le 3651 then FF_IND='TOYS';
if &sic ge 3652 and &sic le 3652 then FF_IND='TOYS';
if &sic ge 3732 and &sic le 3732 then FF_IND='TOYS';
if &sic ge 3930 and &sic le 3931 then FF_IND='TOYS';
if &sic ge 3940 and &sic le 3949 then FF_IND='TOYS';
if FF_IND='TOYS' then &ind_var=6;
* 7 Fun Entertainment;
if &sic ge 7800 and &sic le 7829 then FF_IND='FUN';
if &sic ge 7830 and &sic le 7833 then FF_IND='FUN';
if &sic ge 7840 and &sic le 7841 then FF_IND='FUN';
if &sic ge 7900 and &sic le 7900 then FF_IND='FUN';
if &sic ge 7910 and &sic le 7911 then FF_IND='FUN';
if &sic ge 7920 and &sic le 7929 then FF_IND='FUN';
if &sic ge 7930 and &sic le 7933 then FF_IND='FUN';
if &sic ge 7940 and &sic le 7949 then FF_IND='FUN';
if &sic ge 7980 and &sic le 7980 then FF_IND='FUN';
if &sic ge 7990 and &sic le 7999 then FF_IND='FUN';
if FF_IND='FUN' then &ind_var=7;
* 8 Books Printing and Publishing;
if &sic ge 2700 and &sic le 2709 then FF_IND='BOOKS';
if &sic ge 2710 and &sic le 2719 then FF_IND='BOOKS';
if &sic ge 2720 and &sic le 2729 then FF_IND='BOOKS';
if &sic ge 2730 and &sic le 2739 then FF_IND='BOOKS';
if &sic ge 2740 and &sic le 2749 then FF_IND='BOOKS';
if &sic ge 2770 and &sic le 2771 then FF_IND='BOOKS';
if &sic ge 2780 and &sic le 2789 then FF_IND='BOOKS';
if &sic ge 2790 and &sic le 2799 then FF_IND='BOOKS';
if FF_IND='BOOKS' then &ind_var=8;
* 9 Hshld Consumer Goods;
if &sic ge 2047 and &sic le 2047 then FF_IND='HSHLD';
if &sic ge 2391 and &sic le 2392 then FF_IND='HSHLD';
if &sic ge 2510 and &sic le 2519 then FF_IND='HSHLD';
if &sic ge 2590 and &sic le 2599 then FF_IND='HSHLD';
if &sic ge 2840 and &sic le 2843 then FF_IND='HSHLD';
if &sic ge 2844 and &sic le 2844 then FF_IND='HSHLD';
if &sic ge 3160 and &sic le 3161 then FF_IND='HSHLD';
if &sic ge 3170 and &sic le 3171 then FF_IND='HSHLD';
if &sic ge 3172 and &sic le 3172 then FF_IND='HSHLD';
if &sic ge 3190 and &sic le 3199 then FF_IND='HSHLD';
if &sic ge 3229 and &sic le 3229 then FF_IND='HSHLD';
if &sic ge 3260 and &sic le 3260 then FF_IND='HSHLD';
if &sic ge 3262 and &sic le 3263 then FF_IND='HSHLD';
if &sic ge 3269 and &sic le 3269 then FF_IND='HSHLD';
if &sic ge 3230 and &sic le 3231 then FF_IND='HSHLD';
if &sic ge 3630 and &sic le 3639 then FF_IND='HSHLD';
if &sic ge 3750 and &sic le 3751 then FF_IND='HSHLD';
if &sic ge 3800 and &sic le 3800 then FF_IND='HSHLD';
if &sic ge 3860 and &sic le 3861 then FF_IND='HSHLD';
if &sic ge 3870 and &sic le 3873 then FF_IND='HSHLD';
if &sic ge 3910 and &sic le 3911 then FF_IND='HSHLD';
if &sic ge 3914 and &sic le 3914 then FF_IND='HSHLD';
if &sic ge 3915 and &sic le 3915 then FF_IND='HSHLD';
if &sic ge 3960 and &sic le 3962 then FF_IND='HSHLD';
if &sic ge 3991 and &sic le 3991 then FF_IND='HSHLD';
if &sic ge 3995 and &sic le 3995 then FF_IND='HSHLD';
if FF_IND='HSHLD' then &ind_var=9;
*10 Clths Apparel;
if &sic ge 2300 and &sic le 2390 then FF_IND='CLTHS';
if &sic ge 3020 and &sic le 3021 then FF_IND='CLTHS';
if &sic ge 3100 and &sic le 3111 then FF_IND='CLTHS';
if &sic ge 3130 and &sic le 3131 then FF_IND='CLTHS';
if &sic ge 3140 and &sic le 3149 then FF_IND='CLTHS';
if &sic ge 3150 and &sic le 3151 then FF_IND='CLTHS';
if &sic ge 3963 and &sic le 3965 then FF_IND='CLTHS';
if FF_IND='CLTHS' then &ind_var=10;
*11 Hlth Healthcare;
if &sic ge 8000 and &sic le 8099 then FF_IND='HLTH';
if FF_IND='HLTH' then &ind_var=11;
*12 MedEq Medical Equipment;
if &sic ge 3693 and &sic le 3693 then FF_IND='MEDEQ';
if &sic ge 3840 and &sic le 3849 then FF_IND='MEDEQ';
if &sic ge 3850 and &sic le 3851 then FF_IND='MEDEQ';
if FF_IND='MEDEQ' then &ind_var=12;
*13 Drugs Pharmaceutical Products;
if &sic ge 2830 and &sic le 2830 then FF_IND='DRUGS';
if &sic ge 2831 and &sic le 2831 then FF_IND='DRUGS';
if &sic ge 2833 and &sic le 2833 then FF_IND='DRUGS';
if &sic ge 2834 and &sic le 2834 then FF_IND='DRUGS';
if &sic ge 2835 and &sic le 2835 then FF_IND='DRUGS';
if &sic ge 2836 and &sic le 2836 then FF_IND='DRUGS';
if FF_IND='DRUGS' then &ind_var=13;
*14 Chems Chemicals;
if &sic ge 2800 and &sic le 2809 then FF_IND='CHEM';
if &sic ge 2810 and &sic le 2819 then FF_IND='CHEM';
if &sic ge 2820 and &sic le 2829 then FF_IND='CHEM';
if &sic ge 2850 and &sic le 2859 then FF_IND='CHEM';
if &sic ge 2860 and &sic le 2869 then FF_IND='CHEM';
if &sic ge 2870 and &sic le 2879 then FF_IND='CHEM';
if &sic ge 2890 and &sic le 2899 then FF_IND='CHEM';
if FF_IND='CHEM' then &ind_var=14;
*15 Rubbr Rubber and Plastic Products;
if &sic ge 3031 and &sic le 3031 then FF_IND='RUBBR';
if &sic ge 3041 and &sic le 3041 then FF_IND='RUBBR';
if &sic ge 3050 and &sic le 3053 then FF_IND='RUBBR';
if &sic ge 3060 and &sic le 3069 then FF_IND='RUBBR';
if &sic ge 3070 and &sic le 3079 then FF_IND='RUBBR';
if &sic ge 3080 and &sic le 3089 then FF_IND='RUBBR';
if &sic ge 3090 and &sic le 3099 then FF_IND='RUBBR';
if FF_IND='RUBBR' then &ind_var=15;
*16 Txtls Textiles;
if &sic ge 2200 and &sic le 2269 then FF_IND='TXTLS';
if &sic ge 2270 and &sic le 2279 then FF_IND='TXTLS';
if &sic ge 2280 and &sic le 2284 then FF_IND='TXTLS';
if &sic ge 2290 and &sic le 2295 then FF_IND='TXTLS';
if &sic ge 2297 and &sic le 2297 then FF_IND='TXTLS';
if &sic ge 2298 and &sic le 2298 then FF_IND='TXTLS';
if &sic ge 2299 and &sic le 2299 then FF_IND='TXTLS';
if &sic ge 2393 and &sic le 2395 then FF_IND='TXTLS';
if &sic ge 2397 and &sic le 2399 then FF_IND='TXTLS';
if FF_IND='TXTLS' then &ind_var=16;
*17 BldMt Construction Materials;
if &sic ge 0800 and &sic le 0899 then FF_IND='BLDMT';
if &sic ge 2400 and &sic le 2439 then FF_IND='BLDMT';
if &sic ge 2450 and &sic le 2459 then FF_IND='BLDMT';
if &sic ge 2490 and &sic le 2499 then FF_IND='BLDMT';
if &sic ge 2660 and &sic le 2661 then FF_IND='BLDMT';
if &sic ge 2950 and &sic le 2952 then FF_IND='BLDMT';
if &sic ge 3200 and &sic le 3200 then FF_IND='BLDMT';
if &sic ge 3210 and &sic le 3211 then FF_IND='BLDMT';
if &sic ge 3240 and &sic le 3241 then FF_IND='BLDMT';
if &sic ge 3250 and &sic le 3259 then FF_IND='BLDMT';
if &sic ge 3261 and &sic le 3261 then FF_IND='BLDMT';
if &sic ge 3264 and &sic le 3264 then FF_IND='BLDMT';
if &sic ge 3270 and &sic le 3275 then FF_IND='BLDMT';
if &sic ge 3280 and &sic le 3281 then FF_IND='BLDMT';
if &sic ge 3290 and &sic le 3293 then FF_IND='BLDMT';
if &sic ge 3295 and &sic le 3299 then FF_IND='BLDMT';
if &sic ge 3420 and &sic le 3429 then FF_IND='BLDMT';
if &sic ge 3430 and &sic le 3433 then FF_IND='BLDMT';
if &sic ge 3440 and &sic le 3441 then FF_IND='BLDMT';
if &sic ge 3442 and &sic le 3442 then FF_IND='BLDMT';
if &sic ge 3446 and &sic le 3446 then FF_IND='BLDMT';
if &sic ge 3448 and &sic le 3448 then FF_IND='BLDMT';
if &sic ge 3449 and &sic le 3449 then FF_IND='BLDMT';
if &sic ge 3450 and &sic le 3451 then FF_IND='BLDMT';
if &sic ge 3452 and &sic le 3452 then FF_IND='BLDMT';
if &sic ge 3490 and &sic le 3499 then FF_IND='BLDMT';
if &sic ge 3996 and &sic le 3996 then FF_IND='BLDMT';
if FF_IND='BLDMT' then &ind_var=17;
*18 Cnstr Construction;
if &sic ge 1500 and &sic le 1511 then FF_IND='CNSTR';
if &sic ge 1520 and &sic le 1529 then FF_IND='CNSTR';
if &sic ge 1530 and &sic le 1539 then FF_IND='CNSTR';
if &sic ge 1540 and &sic le 1549 then FF_IND='CNSTR';
if &sic ge 1600 and &sic le 1699 then FF_IND='CNSTR';
if &sic ge 1700 and &sic le 1799 then FF_IND='CNSTR';
if FF_IND='CNSTR' then &ind_var=18;
*19 Steel Steel Works Etc;
if &sic ge 3300 and &sic le 3300 then FF_IND='STEEL';
if &sic ge 3310 and &sic le 3317 then FF_IND='STEEL';
if &sic ge 3320 and &sic le 3325 then FF_IND='STEEL';
if &sic ge 3330 and &sic le 3339 then FF_IND='STEEL';
if &sic ge 3340 and &sic le 3341 then FF_IND='STEEL';
if &sic ge 3350 and &sic le 3357 then FF_IND='STEEL';
if &sic ge 3360 and &sic le 3369 then FF_IND='STEEL';
if &sic ge 3370 and &sic le 3379 then FF_IND='STEEL';
if &sic ge 3390 and &sic le 3399 then FF_IND='STEEL';
if FF_IND='STEEL' then &ind_var=19;
*20 FabPr Fabricated Products;
if &sic ge 3400 and &sic le 3400 then FF_IND='FABPR';
if &sic ge 3443 and &sic le 3443 then FF_IND='FABPR';
if &sic ge 3444 and &sic le 3444 then FF_IND='FABPR';
if &sic ge 3460 and &sic le 3469 then FF_IND='FABPR';
if &sic ge 3470 and &sic le 3479 then FF_IND='FABPR';
if FF_IND='FABPR' then &ind_var=20;
*21 Mach Machinery;
if &sic ge 3510 and &sic le 3519 then FF_IND='MACH';
if &sic ge 3520 and &sic le 3529 then FF_IND='MACH';
if &sic ge 3530 and &sic le 3530 then FF_IND='MACH';
if &sic ge 3531 and &sic le 3531 then FF_IND='MACH';
if &sic ge 3532 and &sic le 3532 then FF_IND='MACH';
if &sic ge 3533 and &sic le 3533 then FF_IND='MACH';
if &sic ge 3534 and &sic le 3534 then FF_IND='MACH';
if &sic ge 3535 and &sic le 3535 then FF_IND='MACH';
if &sic ge 3536 and &sic le 3536 then FF_IND='MACH';
if &sic ge 3538 and &sic le 3538 then FF_IND='MACH';
if &sic ge 3540 and &sic le 3549 then FF_IND='MACH';
if &sic ge 3550 and &sic le 3559 then FF_IND='MACH';
if &sic ge 3560 and &sic le 3569 then FF_IND='MACH';
if &sic ge 3580 and &sic le 3580 then FF_IND='MACH';
if &sic ge 3581 and &sic le 3581 then FF_IND='MACH';
if &sic ge 3582 and &sic le 3582 then FF_IND='MACH';
if &sic ge 3585 and &sic le 3585 then FF_IND='MACH';
if &sic ge 3586 and &sic le 3586 then FF_IND='MACH';
if &sic ge 3589 and &sic le 3589 then FF_IND='MACH';
if &sic ge 3590 and &sic le 3599 then FF_IND='MACH';
if FF_IND='MACH' then &ind_var=21;
*22 ElcEq Electrical Equipment;
if &sic ge 3600 and &sic le 3600 then FF_IND='ELCEQ';
if &sic ge 3610 and &sic le 3613 then FF_IND='ELCEQ';
if &sic ge 3620 and &sic le 3621 then FF_IND='ELCEQ';
if &sic ge 3623 and &sic le 3629 then FF_IND='ELCEQ';
if &sic ge 3640 and &sic le 3644 then FF_IND='ELCEQ';
if &sic ge 3645 and &sic le 3645 then FF_IND='ELCEQ';
if &sic ge 3646 and &sic le 3646 then FF_IND='ELCEQ';
if &sic ge 3648 and &sic le 3649 then FF_IND='ELCEQ';
if &sic ge 3660 and &sic le 3660 then FF_IND='ELCEQ';
if &sic ge 3690 and &sic le 3690 then FF_IND='ELCEQ';
if &sic ge 3691 and &sic le 3692 then FF_IND='ELCEQ';
if &sic ge 3699 and &sic le 3699 then FF_IND='ELCEQ';
if FF_IND='ELCEQ' then &ind_var=22;
*23 Autos Automobiles and Trucks;
if &sic ge 2296 and &sic le 2296 then FF_IND='AUTOS';
if &sic ge 2396 and &sic le 2396 then FF_IND='AUTOS';
if &sic ge 3010 and &sic le 3011 then FF_IND='AUTOS';
if &sic ge 3537 and &sic le 3537 then FF_IND='AUTOS';
if &sic ge 3647 and &sic le 3647 then FF_IND='AUTOS';
if &sic ge 3694 and &sic le 3694 then FF_IND='AUTOS';
if &sic ge 3700 and &sic le 3700 then FF_IND='AUTOS';
if &sic ge 3710 and &sic le 3710 then FF_IND='AUTOS';
if &sic ge 3711 and &sic le 3711 then FF_IND='AUTOS';
if &sic ge 3713 and &sic le 3713 then FF_IND='AUTOS';
if &sic ge 3714 and &sic le 3714 then FF_IND='AUTOS';
if &sic ge 3715 and &sic le 3715 then FF_IND='AUTOS';
if &sic ge 3716 and &sic le 3716 then FF_IND='AUTOS';
if &sic ge 3792 and &sic le 3792 then FF_IND='AUTOS';
if &sic ge 3790 and &sic le 3791 then FF_IND='AUTOS';
if &sic ge 3799 and &sic le 3799 then FF_IND='AUTOS';
if FF_IND='AUTOS' then &ind_var=23;
*24 Aero Aircraft;
if &sic ge 3720 and &sic le 3720 then FF_IND='AERO';
if &sic ge 3721 and &sic le 3721 then FF_IND='AERO';
if &sic ge 3723 and &sic le 3724 then FF_IND='AERO';
if &sic ge 3725 and &sic le 3725 then FF_IND='AERO';
if &sic ge 3728 and &sic le 3729 then FF_IND='AERO';
if FF_IND='AERO' then &ind_var=24;
*25 Ships Shipbuilding, Railroad Equipment;
if &sic ge 3730 and &sic le 3731 then FF_IND='SHIPS';
if &sic ge 3740 and &sic le 3743 then FF_IND='SHIPS';
if FF_IND='SHIPS' then &ind_var=25;
*26 Guns Defense;
if &sic ge 3760 and &sic le 3769 then FF_IND='GUNS';
if &sic ge 3795 and &sic le 3795 then FF_IND='GUNS';
if &sic ge 3480 and &sic le 3489 then FF_IND='GUNS';
if FF_IND='GUNS' then &ind_var=26;
*27 Gold Precious Metals;
if &sic ge 1040 and &sic le 1049 then FF_IND='GOLD';
if FF_IND='GOLD' then &ind_var=27;
*28 Mines Non and &sic le Metallic and Industrial Metal Mining;;
if &sic ge 1000 and &sic le 1009 then FF_IND='MINES';
if &sic ge 1010 and &sic le 1019 then FF_IND='MINES';
if &sic ge 1020 and &sic le 1029 then FF_IND='MINES';
if &sic ge 1030 and &sic le 1039 then FF_IND='MINES';
if &sic ge 1050 and &sic le 1059 then FF_IND='MINES';
if &sic ge 1060 and &sic le 1069 then FF_IND='MINES';
if &sic ge 1070 and &sic le 1079 then FF_IND='MINES';
if &sic ge 1080 and &sic le 1089 then FF_IND='MINES';
if &sic ge 1090 and &sic le 1099 then FF_IND='MINES';
if &sic ge 1100 and &sic le 1119 then FF_IND='MINES';
if &sic ge 1400 and &sic le 1499 then FF_IND='MINES';
if FF_IND='MINES' then &ind_var=28;
*29 Coal Coal;
if &sic ge 1200 and &sic le 1299 then FF_IND='COAL';
if FF_IND='COAL' then &ind_var=29;
*30 Oil Petroleum and Natural Gas;
if &sic ge 1300 and &sic le 1300 then FF_IND='OIL';
if &sic ge 1310 and &sic le 1319 then FF_IND='OIL';
if &sic ge 1320 and &sic le 1329 then FF_IND='OIL';
if &sic ge 1330 and &sic le 1339 then FF_IND='OIL';
if &sic ge 1370 and &sic le 1379 then FF_IND='OIL';
if &sic ge 1380 and &sic le 1380 then FF_IND='OIL';
if &sic ge 1381 and &sic le 1381 then FF_IND='OIL';
if &sic ge 1382 and &sic le 1382 then FF_IND='OIL';
if &sic ge 1389 and &sic le 1389 then FF_IND='OIL';
if &sic ge 2900 and &sic le 2912 then FF_IND='OIL';
if &sic ge 2990 and &sic le 2999 then FF_IND='OIL';
if FF_IND='OIL' then &ind_var=30;
*31 Util Utilities;
if &sic ge 4900 and &sic le 4900 then FF_IND='UTIL';
if &sic ge 4910 and &sic le 4911 then FF_IND='UTIL';
if &sic ge 4920 and &sic le 4922 then FF_IND='UTIL';
if &sic ge 4923 and &sic le 4923 then FF_IND='UTIL';
if &sic ge 4924 and &sic le 4925 then FF_IND='UTIL';
if &sic ge 4930 and &sic le 4931 then FF_IND='UTIL';
if &sic ge 4932 and &sic le 4932 then FF_IND='UTIL';
if &sic ge 4939 and &sic le 4939 then FF_IND='UTIL';
if &sic ge 4940 and &sic le 4942 then FF_IND='UTIL';
if FF_IND='UTIL' then &ind_var=31;
*32 Telcm Communication;
if &sic ge 4800 and &sic le 4800 then FF_IND='TELCM';
if &sic ge 4810 and &sic le 4813 then FF_IND='TELCM';
if &sic ge 4820 and &sic le 4822 then FF_IND='TELCM';
if &sic ge 4830 and &sic le 4839 then FF_IND='TELCM';
if &sic ge 4840 and &sic le 4841 then FF_IND='TELCM';
if &sic ge 4880 and &sic le 4889 then FF_IND='TELCM';
if &sic ge 4890 and &sic le 4890 then FF_IND='TELCM';
if &sic ge 4891 and &sic le 4891 then FF_IND='TELCM';
if &sic ge 4892 and &sic le 4892 then FF_IND='TELCM';
if &sic ge 4899 and &sic le 4899 then FF_IND='TELCM';
if FF_IND='TELCM' then &ind_var=32;
*33 PerSv Personal Services;
if &sic ge 7020 and &sic le 7021 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7030 and &sic le 7033 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7200 and &sic le 7200 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7210 and &sic le 7212 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7214 and &sic le 7214 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7215 and &sic le 7216 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7217 and &sic le 7217 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7219 and &sic le 7219 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7220 and &sic le 7221 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7230 and &sic le 7231 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7240 and &sic le 7241 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7250 and &sic le 7251 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7260 and &sic le 7269 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7270 and &sic le 7290 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7291 and &sic le 7291 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7292 and &sic le 7299 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7395 and &sic le 7395 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7500 and &sic le 7500 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7520 and &sic le 7529 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7530 and &sic le 7539 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7540 and &sic le 7549 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7600 and &sic le 7600 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7620 and &sic le 7620 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7622 and &sic le 7622 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7623 and &sic le 7623 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7629 and &sic le 7629 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7630 and &sic le 7631 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7640 and &sic le 7641 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7690 and &sic le 7699 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 8100 and &sic le 8199 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 8200 and &sic le 8299 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 8300 and &sic le 8399 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 8400 and &sic le 8499 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 8600 and &sic le 8699 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 8800 and &sic le 8899 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if &sic ge 7510 and &sic le 7515 then FF_IND='PERSV';
if FF_IND='PERSV' then &ind_var=33;
*34 BusSv Business Services;
if &sic ge 2750 and &sic le 2759 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 3993 and &sic le 3993 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7218 and &sic le 7218 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7300 and &sic le 7300 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7310 and &sic le 7319 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7320 and &sic le 7329 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7330 and &sic le 7339 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7340 and &sic le 7342 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7349 and &sic le 7349 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7350 and &sic le 7351 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7352 and &sic le 7352 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7353 and &sic le 7353 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7359 and &sic le 7359 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7360 and &sic le 7369 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7370 and &sic le 7372 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7374 and &sic le 7374 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7375 and &sic le 7375 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7376 and &sic le 7376 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7377 and &sic le 7377 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7378 and &sic le 7378 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7379 and &sic le 7379 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7380 and &sic le 7380 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7381 and &sic le 7382 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7383 and &sic le 7383 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7384 and &sic le 7384 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7385 and &sic le 7385 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7389 and &sic le 7390 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7391 and &sic le 7391 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7392 and &sic le 7392 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7393 and &sic le 7393 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7394 and &sic le 7394 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7396 and &sic le 7396 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7397 and &sic le 7397 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7399 and &sic le 7399 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 7519 and &sic le 7519 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 8700 and &sic le 8700 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 8710 and &sic le 8713 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 8720 and &sic le 8721 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 8730 and &sic le 8734 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 8740 and &sic le 8748 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 8900 and &sic le 8910 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 8911 and &sic le 8911 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 8920 and &sic le 8999 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if &sic ge 4220 and &sic le 4229 then FF_IND='BUSSV';
if FF_IND='BUSSV' then &ind_var=34;
*35 Comps Computers;
if &sic ge 3570 and &sic le 3579 then FF_IND='COMPS';
if &sic ge 3680 and &sic le 3680 then FF_IND='COMPS';
if &sic ge 3681 and &sic le 3681 then FF_IND='COMPS';
if &sic ge 3682 and &sic le 3682 then FF_IND='COMPS';
if &sic ge 3683 and &sic le 3683 then FF_IND='COMPS';
if &sic ge 3684 and &sic le 3684 then FF_IND='COMPS';
if &sic ge 3685 and &sic le 3685 then FF_IND='COMPS';
if &sic ge 3686 and &sic le 3686 then FF_IND='COMPS';
if &sic ge 3687 and &sic le 3687 then FF_IND='COMPS';
if &sic ge 3688 and &sic le 3688 then FF_IND='COMPS';
if &sic ge 3689 and &sic le 3689 then FF_IND='COMPS';
if &sic ge 3695 and &sic le 3695 then FF_IND='COMPS';
if &sic ge 7373 and &sic le 7373 then FF_IND='COMPS';
if FF_IND='COMPS' then &ind_var=35;
*36 Chips Electronic Equipment;
if &sic ge 3622 and &sic le 3622 then FF_IND='CHIPS';
if &sic ge 3661 and &sic le 3661 then FF_IND='CHIPS';
if &sic ge 3662 and &sic le 3662 then FF_IND='CHIPS';
if &sic ge 3663 and &sic le 3663 then FF_IND='CHIPS';
if &sic ge 3664 and &sic le 3664 then FF_IND='CHIPS';
if &sic ge 3665 and &sic le 3665 then FF_IND='CHIPS';
if &sic ge 3666 and &sic le 3666 then FF_IND='CHIPS';
if &sic ge 3669 and &sic le 3669 then FF_IND='CHIPS';
if &sic ge 3670 and &sic le 3679 then FF_IND='CHIPS';
if &sic ge 3810 and &sic le 3810 then FF_IND='CHIPS';
if &sic ge 3812 and &sic le 3812 then FF_IND='CHIPS';
if FF_IND='CHIPS' then &ind_var=36;
*37 LabEq Measuring and Control Equipment;
if &sic ge 3811 and &sic le 3811 then FF_IND='LABEQ';
if &sic ge 3820 and &sic le 3820 then FF_IND='LABEQ';
if &sic ge 3821 and &sic le 3821 then FF_IND='LABEQ';
if &sic ge 3822 and &sic le 3822 then FF_IND='LABEQ';
if &sic ge 3823 and &sic le 3823 then FF_IND='LABEQ';
if &sic ge 3824 and &sic le 3824 then FF_IND='LABEQ';
if &sic ge 3825 and &sic le 3825 then FF_IND='LABEQ';
if &sic ge 3826 and &sic le 3826 then FF_IND='LABEQ';
if &sic ge 3827 and &sic le 3827 then FF_IND='LABEQ';
if &sic ge 3829 and &sic le 3829 then FF_IND='LABEQ';
if &sic ge 3830 and &sic le 3839 then FF_IND='LABEQ';
if FF_IND='LABEQ' then &ind_var=37;
*38 Paper Business Supplies;
if &sic ge 2520 and &sic le 2549 then FF_IND='PAPER';
if &sic ge 2600 and &sic le 2639 then FF_IND='PAPER';
if &sic ge 2670 and &sic le 2699 then FF_IND='PAPER';
if &sic ge 2760 and &sic le 2761 then FF_IND='PAPER';
if &sic ge 3950 and &sic le 3955 then FF_IND='PAPER';
if FF_IND='PAPER' then &ind_var=38;
*39 Boxes Shipping Containers;
if &sic ge 2440 and &sic le 2449 then FF_IND='BOXES';
if &sic ge 2640 and &sic le 2659 then FF_IND='BOXES';
if &sic ge 3220 and &sic le 3221 then FF_IND='BOXES';
if &sic ge 3410 and &sic le 3412 then FF_IND='BOXES';
if FF_IND='BOXES' then &ind_var=39;
*40 Trans Transportation;
if &sic ge 4000 and &sic le 4013 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if &sic ge 4040 and &sic le 4049 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if &sic ge 4100 and &sic le 4100 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if &sic ge 4110 and &sic le 4119 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if &sic ge 4120 and &sic le 4121 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if &sic ge 4130 and &sic le 4131 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if &sic ge 4140 and &sic le 4142 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if &sic ge 4150 and &sic le 4151 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if &sic ge 4170 and &sic le 4173 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if &sic ge 4190 and &sic le 4199 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if &sic ge 4200 and &sic le 4200 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if &sic ge 4210 and &sic le 4219 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if &sic ge 4230 and &sic le 4231 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if &sic ge 4240 and &sic le 4249 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if &sic ge 4400 and &sic le 4499 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if &sic ge 4500 and &sic le 4599 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if &sic ge 4600 and &sic le 4699 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if &sic ge 4700 and &sic le 4700 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if &sic ge 4710 and &sic le 4712 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if &sic ge 4720 and &sic le 4729 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if &sic ge 4730 and &sic le 4739 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if &sic ge 4740 and &sic le 4749 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if &sic ge 4780 and &sic le 4780 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if &sic ge 4782 and &sic le 4782 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if &sic ge 4783 and &sic le 4783 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if &sic ge 4784 and &sic le 4784 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if &sic ge 4785 and &sic le 4785 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if &sic ge 4789 and &sic le 4789 then FF_IND='TRANS';
if FF_IND='TRANS' then &ind_var=40;
*41 Whlsl Wholesale;
if &sic ge 5000 and &sic le 5000 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5010 and &sic le 5015 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5020 and &sic le 5023 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5030 and &sic le 5039 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5040 and &sic le 5042 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5043 and &sic le 5043 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5044 and &sic le 5044 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5045 and &sic le 5045 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5046 and &sic le 5046 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5047 and &sic le 5047 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5048 and &sic le 5048 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5049 and &sic le 5049 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5050 and &sic le 5059 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5060 and &sic le 5060 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5063 and &sic le 5063 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5064 and &sic le 5064 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5065 and &sic le 5065 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5070 and &sic le 5078 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5080 and &sic le 5080 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5081 and &sic le 5081 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5082 and &sic le 5082 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5083 and &sic le 5083 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5084 and &sic le 5084 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5085 and &sic le 5085 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5086 and &sic le 5087 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5088 and &sic le 5088 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5090 and &sic le 5090 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5091 and &sic le 5092 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5093 and &sic le 5093 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5094 and &sic le 5094 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5099 and &sic le 5099 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5100 and &sic le 5100 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5110 and &sic le 5113 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5120 and &sic le 5122 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5130 and &sic le 5139 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5140 and &sic le 5149 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5150 and &sic le 5159 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5160 and &sic le 5169 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5170 and &sic le 5172 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5180 and &sic le 5182 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if &sic ge 5190 and &sic le 5199 then FF_IND='WHLSL';
if FF_IND='WHLSL' then &ind_var=41;
*42 Rtail Retail ;
if &sic ge 5200 and &sic le 5200 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5210 and &sic le 5219 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5220 and &sic le 5229 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5230 and &sic le 5231 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5250 and &sic le 5251 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5260 and &sic le 5261 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5270 and &sic le 5271 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5300 and &sic le 5300 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5310 and &sic le 5311 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5320 and &sic le 5320 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5330 and &sic le 5331 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5334 and &sic le 5334 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5340 and &sic le 5349 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5390 and &sic le 5399 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5400 and &sic le 5400 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5410 and &sic le 5411 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5412 and &sic le 5412 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5420 and &sic le 5429 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5430 and &sic le 5439 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5440 and &sic le 5449 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5450 and &sic le 5459 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5460 and &sic le 5469 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5490 and &sic le 5499 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5500 and &sic le 5500 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5510 and &sic le 5529 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5530 and &sic le 5539 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5540 and &sic le 5549 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5550 and &sic le 5559 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5560 and &sic le 5569 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5570 and &sic le 5579 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5590 and &sic le 5599 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5600 and &sic le 5699 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5700 and &sic le 5700 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5710 and &sic le 5719 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5720 and &sic le 5722 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5730 and &sic le 5733 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5734 and &sic le 5734 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5735 and &sic le 5735 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5736 and &sic le 5736 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5750 and &sic le 5799 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5900 and &sic le 5900 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5910 and &sic le 5912 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5920 and &sic le 5929 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5930 and &sic le 5932 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5940 and &sic le 5940 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5941 and &sic le 5941 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5942 and &sic le 5942 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5943 and &sic le 5943 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5944 and &sic le 5944 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5945 and &sic le 5945 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5946 and &sic le 5946 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5947 and &sic le 5947 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5948 and &sic le 5948 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5949 and &sic le 5949 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5950 and &sic le 5959 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5960 and &sic le 5969 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5970 and &sic le 5979 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5980 and &sic le 5989 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5990 and &sic le 5990 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5992 and &sic le 5992 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5993 and &sic le 5993 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5994 and &sic le 5994 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5995 and &sic le 5995 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if &sic ge 5999 and &sic le 5999 then FF_IND='RTAIL';
if FF_IND='RTAIL' then &ind_var=42;
*43 Meals Restaraunts, Hotels, Motels;
if &sic ge 5800 and &sic le 5819 then FF_IND='MEALS';
if &sic ge 5820 and &sic le 5829 then FF_IND='MEALS';
if &sic ge 5890 and &sic le 5899 then FF_IND='MEALS';
if &sic ge 7000 and &sic le 7000 then FF_IND='MEALS';
if &sic ge 7010 and &sic le 7019 then FF_IND='MEALS';
if &sic ge 7040 and &sic le 7049 then FF_IND='MEALS';
if &sic ge 7213 and &sic le 7213 then FF_IND='MEALS';
if FF_IND='MEALS' then &ind_var=43;
*44 Banks Banking;
if &sic ge 6000 and &sic le 6000 then FF_IND='BANKS';
if &sic ge 6010 and &sic le 6019 then FF_IND='BANKS';
if &sic ge 6020 and &sic le 6020 then FF_IND='BANKS';
if &sic ge 6021 and &sic le 6021 then FF_IND='BANKS';
if &sic ge 6022 and &sic le 6022 then FF_IND='BANKS';
if &sic ge 6023 and &sic le 6024 then FF_IND='BANKS';
if &sic ge 6025 and &sic le 6025 then FF_IND='BANKS';
if &sic ge 6026 and &sic le 6026 then FF_IND='BANKS';
if &sic ge 6027 and &sic le 6027 then FF_IND='BANKS';
if &sic ge 6028 and &sic le 6029 then FF_IND='BANKS';
if &sic ge 6030 and &sic le 6036 then FF_IND='BANKS';
if &sic ge 6040 and &sic le 6059 then FF_IND='BANKS';
if &sic ge 6060 and &sic le 6062 then FF_IND='BANKS';
if &sic ge 6080 and &sic le 6082 then FF_IND='BANKS';
if &sic ge 6090 and &sic le 6099 then FF_IND='BANKS';
if &sic ge 6100 and &sic le 6100 then FF_IND='BANKS';
if &sic ge 6110 and &sic le 6111 then FF_IND='BANKS';
if &sic ge 6112 and &sic le 6113 then FF_IND='BANKS';
if &sic ge 6120 and &sic le 6129 then FF_IND='BANKS';
if &sic ge 6130 and &sic le 6139 then FF_IND='BANKS';
if &sic ge 6140 and &sic le 6149 then FF_IND='BANKS';
if &sic ge 6150 and &sic le 6159 then FF_IND='BANKS';
if &sic ge 6160 and &sic le 6169 then FF_IND='BANKS';
if &sic ge 6170 and &sic le 6179 then FF_IND='BANKS';
if &sic ge 6190 and &sic le 6199 then FF_IND='BANKS';
if FF_IND='BANKS' then &ind_var=44;
*45 Insur Insurance;
if &sic ge 6300 and &sic le 6300 then FF_IND='INSUR';
if &sic ge 6310 and &sic le 6319 then FF_IND='INSUR';
if &sic ge 6320 and &sic le 6329 then FF_IND='INSUR';
if &sic ge 6330 and &sic le 6331 then FF_IND='INSUR';
if &sic ge 6350 and &sic le 6351 then FF_IND='INSUR';
if &sic ge 6360 and &sic le 6361 then FF_IND='INSUR';
if &sic ge 6370 and &sic le 6379 then FF_IND='INSUR';
if &sic ge 6390 and &sic le 6399 then FF_IND='INSUR';
if &sic ge 6400 and &sic le 6411 then FF_IND='INSUR';
if FF_IND='INSUR' then &ind_var=45;
*46 RlEst Real Estate;
if &sic ge 6500 and &sic le 6500 then FF_IND='RLEST';
if &sic ge 6510 and &sic le 6510 then FF_IND='RLEST';
if &sic ge 6512 and &sic le 6512 then FF_IND='RLEST';
if &sic ge 6513 and &sic le 6513 then FF_IND='RLEST';
if &sic ge 6514 and &sic le 6514 then FF_IND='RLEST';
if &sic ge 6515 and &sic le 6515 then FF_IND='RLEST';
if &sic ge 6517 and &sic le 6519 then FF_IND='RLEST';
if &sic ge 6520 and &sic le 6529 then FF_IND='RLEST';
if &sic ge 6530 and &sic le 6531 then FF_IND='RLEST';
if &sic ge 6532 and &sic le 6532 then FF_IND='RLEST';
if &sic ge 6540 and &sic le 6541 then FF_IND='RLEST';
if &sic ge 6550 and &sic le 6553 then FF_IND='RLEST';
if &sic ge 6590 and &sic le 6599 then FF_IND='RLEST';
if &sic ge 6610 and &sic le 6611 then FF_IND='RLEST';
if FF_IND='RLEST' then &ind_var=46;
*47 Fin Trading;
if &sic ge 6200 and &sic le 6299 then FF_IND='FIN';
if &sic ge 6700 and &sic le 6700 then FF_IND='FIN';
if &sic ge 6710 and &sic le 6719 then FF_IND='FIN';
if &sic ge 6720 and &sic le 6722 then FF_IND='FIN';
if &sic ge 6723 and &sic le 6723 then FF_IND='FIN';
if &sic ge 6724 and &sic le 6724 then FF_IND='FIN';
if &sic ge 6725 and &sic le 6725 then FF_IND='FIN';
if &sic ge 6726 and &sic le 6726 then FF_IND='FIN';
if &sic ge 6730 and &sic le 6733 then FF_IND='FIN';
if &sic ge 6740 and &sic le 6779 then FF_IND='FIN';
if &sic ge 6790 and &sic le 6791 then FF_IND='FIN';
if &sic ge 6792 and &sic le 6792 then FF_IND='FIN';
if &sic ge 6793 and &sic le 6793 then FF_IND='FIN';
if &sic ge 6794 and &sic le 6794 then FF_IND='FIN';
if &sic ge 6795 and &sic le 6795 then FF_IND='FIN';
if &sic ge 6798 and &sic le 6798 then FF_IND='FIN';
if &sic ge 6799 and &sic le 6799 then FF_IND='FIN';
if FF_IND='FIN' then &ind_var=47;
*48 Other Almost Nothing;
if &sic ge 4950 and &sic le 4959 then FF_IND='OTHER';
if &sic ge 4960 and &sic le 4961 then FF_IND='OTHER';
if &sic ge 4970 and &sic le 4971 then FF_IND='OTHER';
if &sic ge 4990 and &sic le 4991 then FF_IND='OTHER';
if &sic ge 9990 and &sic le 9999 then FF_IND='OTHER';
if FF_IND='OTHER' then &ind_var=48;
if(&ind_var=1) then &dummy_prefix.1=1; else &dummy_prefix.1=0;
if(&ind_var=2) then &dummy_prefix.2=1; else &dummy_prefix.2=0;
if(&ind_var=3) then &dummy_prefix.3=1; else &dummy_prefix.3=0;
if(&ind_var=4) then &dummy_prefix.4=1; else &dummy_prefix.4=0;
if(&ind_var=5) then &dummy_prefix.5=1; else &dummy_prefix.5=0;
if(&ind_var=6) then &dummy_prefix.6=1; else &dummy_prefix.6=0;
if(&ind_var=7) then &dummy_prefix.7=1; else &dummy_prefix.7=0;
if(&ind_var=8) then &dummy_prefix.8=1; else &dummy_prefix.8=0;
if(&ind_var=9) then &dummy_prefix.9=1; else &dummy_prefix.9=0;
if(&ind_var=10) then &dummy_prefix.10=1; else &dummy_prefix.10=0;
if(&ind_var=11) then &dummy_prefix.11=1; else &dummy_prefix.11=0;
if(&ind_var=12) then &dummy_prefix.12=1; else &dummy_prefix.12=0;
if(&ind_var=13) then &dummy_prefix.13=1; else &dummy_prefix.13=0;
if(&ind_var=14) then &dummy_prefix.14=1; else &dummy_prefix.14=0;
if(&ind_var=15) then &dummy_prefix.15=1; else &dummy_prefix.15=0;
if(&ind_var=16) then &dummy_prefix.16=1; else &dummy_prefix.16=0;
if(&ind_var=17) then &dummy_prefix.17=1; else &dummy_prefix.17=0;
if(&ind_var=18) then &dummy_prefix.18=1; else &dummy_prefix.18=0;
if(&ind_var=19) then &dummy_prefix.19=1; else &dummy_prefix.19=0;
if(&ind_var=20) then &dummy_prefix.20=1; else &dummy_prefix.20=0;
if(&ind_var=21) then &dummy_prefix.21=1; else &dummy_prefix.21=0;
if(&ind_var=22) then &dummy_prefix.22=1; else &dummy_prefix.22=0;
if(&ind_var=23) then &dummy_prefix.23=1; else &dummy_prefix.23=0;
if(&ind_var=24) then &dummy_prefix.24=1; else &dummy_prefix.24=0;
if(&ind_var=25) then &dummy_prefix.25=1; else &dummy_prefix.25=0;
if(&ind_var=26) then &dummy_prefix.26=1; else &dummy_prefix.26=0;
if(&ind_var=27) then &dummy_prefix.27=1; else &dummy_prefix.27=0;
if(&ind_var=28) then &dummy_prefix.28=1; else &dummy_prefix.28=0;
if(&ind_var=29) then &dummy_prefix.29=1; else &dummy_prefix.29=0;
if(&ind_var=30) then &dummy_prefix.30=1; else &dummy_prefix.30=0;
if(&ind_var=31) then &dummy_prefix.31=1; else &dummy_prefix.31=0;
if(&ind_var=32) then &dummy_prefix.32=1; else &dummy_prefix.32=0;
if(&ind_var=33) then &dummy_prefix.33=1; else &dummy_prefix.33=0;
if(&ind_var=34) then &dummy_prefix.34=1; else &dummy_prefix.34=0;
if(&ind_var=35) then &dummy_prefix.35=1; else &dummy_prefix.35=0;
if(&ind_var=36) then &dummy_prefix.36=1; else &dummy_prefix.36=0;
if(&ind_var=37) then &dummy_prefix.37=1; else &dummy_prefix.37=0;
if(&ind_var=38) then &dummy_prefix.38=1; else &dummy_prefix.38=0;
if(&ind_var=39) then &dummy_prefix.39=1; else &dummy_prefix.39=0;
if(&ind_var=40) then &dummy_prefix.40=1; else &dummy_prefix.40=0;
if(&ind_var=41) then &dummy_prefix.41=1; else &dummy_prefix.41=0;
if(&ind_var=42) then &dummy_prefix.42=1; else &dummy_prefix.42=0;
if(&ind_var=43) then &dummy_prefix.43=1; else &dummy_prefix.43=0;
if(&ind_var=44) then &dummy_prefix.44=1; else &dummy_prefix.44=0;
if(&ind_var=45) then &dummy_prefix.45=1; else &dummy_prefix.45=0;
if(&ind_var=46) then &dummy_prefix.46=1; else &dummy_prefix.46=0;
if(&ind_var=47) then &dummy_prefix.47=1; else &dummy_prefix.47=0;
if(&ind_var=48) then &dummy_prefix.48=1; else &dummy_prefix.48=0;
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