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Deploy app to app catalog using CSOM C# in SharePoint online
string webUrl = "";
string username = "";
string password = "password";
SecureString secureString = new SecureString();
var credentials = new SharePointOnlineCredentials(username, secureString);
using (ClientContext ctx = new ClientContext(webUrl))
ctx.Credentials = credentials;
var appManager = new AppManager(ctx);
var apps = appManager.GetAvailable();
var chartsApp = apps.Where(a => a.Title == "Charts 365").FirstOrDefault();
var deployApp = appManager.Deploy(chartsApp, true);
//or deploy the app async
var deployAppAsync = await appManager.DeployAsync(chartsApp, true);

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@hassannawaz456 hassannawaz456 commented Jan 24, 2018

what is appmanager directive or assembly reference ??


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@gautamdsheth gautamdsheth commented Jun 11, 2018

@hassannawaz45 - i am using the PnP Core library.

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