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Explode Code: Hello World

March 19, 2013 - On February 5, 2013 we had our first Explode Code Talks event. It was a huge success - over 50 people came to Big Viking Games to see five talks, eat pizza and mingle with other web/mobile/game developers.

This Friday, March 22nd will be a different kind of event called Hello World.

Hello World! is an opportunity to learn something new. Pick a programming language or framework that you don't know and build something with it - anything*!

Then, bring your work to this event, show it off like it's the next Facebook, and eat pizza!

This is an open event and everyone is invited to participate.

Talk to @gavinblair if you need ideas for a language or project.


*yes, anything. You can even bring your Hello, World! or the result of following a tutorial.

After posting this event to the brand new LdnOnt Developers and Designers Google+ Community, I received questions about the format of Hello World.

Here is my response:

Everyone will have a place that they can use to run their project (bring your own laptop/phone/whatever it runs on) and people just walk around and talk about their experience with the new language. Like a trade show. No need to plan a presentation.

Projects can be anything from a simple Hello World example to a full-on application. The conversation revolves around the language/framework used and its potential for use in the real world.

I hope to see you there on Friday night.



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