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i will dedicate a teeny web app to my 800th follower

— ϟ Gavin Blair (@gavinblair) December 1, 2013
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What was I thinking? Such a contest can't possibly get you more followers - the only people that hear about it are the people that are automatically disqualified for already following you! In fact, I lost followers almost instantly.

ok who unfollowed me??

— ϟ Gavin Blair (@gavinblair) December 1, 2013
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I guess I just wanted to make an app for a random person, and my 800th follower couldn't be more random. I already had some ideas if my 800th turned out to be a spambot.

Almost 2 months later, it happened.


Obviously an XBox gamer. I don't know anything about Xbox. Turns out there's an API. So, I decided to make an app that tells you all the achievements that your friends have, that you don't have.

Check it out! Just press the button if you don't play Xbox, you'll see SHHHM3LLIT's games. Click on a game to see the achievements his friends have that he is missing.

Looks like it doesn't like it when you have no currently online friends... Try checking this out in the evening.

You broke it, didn't you?

Technology used:

Check out XBox Achievements! Code



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