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Last active Jun 26, 2020
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Parses kafka group assignments and outputs in more readable form
#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
def parse_group_assignments():
data =
lines = data.splitlines()[2:]
structured = []
for line in lines:
cols = [chunk for chunk in line.split(" ") if len(chunk) > 0]
structured.append({"group_id": cols[0],
"topic": cols[1],
"partition": cols[2],
"offset": cols[3],
"messages": cols[4],
"lag": cols[5],
"consumer_id": cols[6],
"host": cols[7],
"client_id": cols[8]})
return structured
def details_for_host(assignments, host):
host_assignments = [a for a in assignments if a["host"] == host]
# extract thread names from assingments to order by
client_ids = set([a['client_id'] for a in host_assignments])
threads = {client_id: {"thread_id": client_id.split("-StreamThread-")[1][:1], "assignments": []} for client_id in client_ids}
for a in host_assignments:
return {"host": host,
"threads": threads}
assignments = parse_group_assignments()
# print assignments
hosts = set([c["host"] for c in assignments])
host_details = [details_for_host(assignments, h) for h in hosts]
#print host_details
for host in host_details:
thread_assignments = host["threads"].values()
client_id = thread_assignments[0]["assignments"][0]["client_id"].split("-StreamThread")[0]
print "Host: %s, %s" % (host["host"], client_id)
print "\tThreads:"
for t in sorted(thread_assignments):
topics = [a["topic"] + ", partition: " + a["partition"] + ", lag: " + a["lag"] for a in t["assignments"]]
print "\t\t%s: %s" % (t["thread_id"], topics)
print ""
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