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A collection of useful apps for development on Mac OSX

Mac OSX apps for developers

A collection of useful apps for development on Mac OSX

  • SASS - Write stylesheets in SASS (gem install sass)
  • Homebrew - a package manager much like you find on a linux box
    • pwgen - a really useful command line based password generator
    • git - good old git
    • git-extras - quick commends for following git flow
    • node - node.js (I prefer it installed via homebrew as its then easy to update nvm would also be useful i guess)
  • oh-my-zsh - pretty terminal windows, well more useful info at least (add the following so your bash profile still works as expected: if [ -f ~/.bash_profile ]; then . ~/.bash_profile; fi)
  • Node.js
    • yeoman - project scaffolding
    • generator-angular-fullstack - angular project scaffolding
    • bower - web dependancy management
    • Phonegap - for creating native mobile apps for Android, iOS and more with just HTML, CSS and JavaScript
    • Grunt - a task manager
    • Gulp - another task manager, just a little faster
    • karma - unit testing baby
    • eslint - js linting
    • JSDoc - An API documentation generator for JavaScript. (Use with
    • styledocco - StyleDocco generates documentation and style guide documents from your stylesheets. (Use with
  • Charles - a proxy tool that allows you to replace remote assets with local ones
  • MAMP - an Apache, MySQL and PHP server for Mac OSX
  • Sublime Text 3 - My IDE Of choice packed full of useful features and the ability to add plugins for additional functionality
  • Sequel Pro - a MySQL administrator with a simple to use interface and all the features you will ever really need
    • Package manager - allows you to add a host of packages to ST3
  • Transmit - a beautiful and easy to use FTP program... why would you use anything else?
  • VirtualBox - really useful for creating virtual machines, be that Windows or Linux boxes
  • Vagrant - a command line tool for spinning up VirtualBoxes quickly and easily
  • MongoHub - a mongodb administrator much like Sequel Pro, packed full of useful features
  • SourceTree - a really nice app for Git repository management (I use this for a few useful bits and then command line)
  • Photoshop - for all of your photo editing needs
  • Unarchiver - for openening and kind of file compressio you can think of
  • App Cleaner - the app uninstaller apple forgot
  • ImageOptim - an easy way to losslessly compress images
  • Google Drive - 15gb of cloud storage and increasing
  • VirtualEnv - a nice and simple way to manage python enviroments without destroying your Mac
  • Arduino - a simple IDE for all you Arduino development needs
  • Caffeine - keep your machine from sleeping
  • xCode - comes with plenty of build libraries which are useful and lets you build iOS and Mac apps
  • Chrome - my broswer of choice
    • Web Developer - useful tools for web developers
    • Page Speed Insights - find out why your website it running slowly
  • Firefox - make sure its installed for debugging your sites
    • Web Developer - useful tools for web developers
  • Colloquy - a client for access to IRC chat rooms. Useful if you ever get stuck
  • 1Password - a useful tool for remembering and storing password securly
  • VLC - a tool for playing videos and audio files of varrying format
  • Audacity - a tool for viewing, creating and editing audio files and exporting them in various formats
  • Blender - a free 3D animation and CAD tool
  • Track Record - a nice little time tracker to time how long you spend on tasks
  • Dash - a app for mac that lets you download API documentation
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