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A starter CSV file for my QlikView flexi report (
Type ReportLabel ReportFieldName Filter
Dim DOB Patient DOB Patient
Dim Forename Patient Forename Patient
Dim Surname Patient Surname Patient
Dim Sex Patient Sex Description Patient
Dim Age Patient Age Patient
Dim Hospital Number Patient Hospital Number Patient
Dim NHS Number Patient NHS Number Patient
Dim Postcode Patient PostCode Patient
Dim DOB Patient DOB Patient
Dim Operation Procedure Sapp Proc Code-Name Operation
Dim Operation Date Operation Date Operation
Dim Theatre Name Theatre Name Theatre
Dim Session Type Session Type Theatre
Dim Category Theatre Type Theatre
Dim Operation ID Operation ID Operation
Dim Operation Number Operation ID Operation
Dim Patient Number Operation Patient Number Operation
Dim Episode Number Operation Episode Number Operation
Dim Forename Consultant Forename Consultant
Dim Surname Consultant Surname Consultant
Dim StaffID Consultant StaffID Consultant
Dim DD/MM/YYYY Calendar_Date Calendar
Dim Year Year_Calendar Calendar
Dim Fiscal Year Year_Fiscal Calendar
Dim Quarter Quarter Calendar
Dim Month Month Calendar
Dim Week Week Calendar
Dim Day of Week DayOfWeek Calendar
Measure Count of Patients count(DISTINCT PK_PATIENT) Patient
Measure Count of Patients count(DISTINCT [Pack Patient History CSSD PatientRefNo]) Sterile Stores
Measure First Operation Time Time(Min([Operation DateTime Into Suite]),'hh:mm') Operation
Measure Last Operation Time Time(Max([Operation DateTime Into Suite]),'hh:mm') Operation
Measure Oldest DoB Date(Min([Patient DOB]),'hh:mm') Patient
Measure Youngest DoB Date(Max([Patient DOB]),'hh:mm') Patient
Measure Count of Patients (Distinct) Count(Distinct PK_PATIENT) Patient
Measure Average Age Num(Avg([Patient Age]),'#,##0') Patient
Dim Patient Ref Number Pack Patient History CSSD PatientRefNo Sterile Stores
Dim Record Creation Date Pack Patient History Record Creation DateTime Sterile Stores
Dim Theatre Name Pack Patient History Theatre Name Sterile Stores
Dim Pack Description Pack Patient History Pack Description Sterile Stores
Dim Stock Description Pack Patient History Stock Description Sterile Stores
Dim Qty of Pack Instruments Pack Patient History Pack QtyOfInstruments Sterile Stores
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