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Ansible playbook for installing Oracle Java 7 on Debian
# Ansible playbook to install Java 7 on Debian
# Thanks to
# Author: Gabriel Birke <>
- hosts: devroot
java_name: jdk1.7.0_45
download_folder: /usr/src
java_archive: "{{download_folder}}/{{java_name}}.tar.gz"
java_folder: /usr/lib/jvm
java_alias: java-7-oracle
- name: Install wget
apt: pkg=wget
- name: Download Java
command: 'wget -q -O {{java_archive}} --no-cookies --no-check-certificate --header "Cookie:" {{java_download}} creates={{java_archive}}'
- name: Extract Java archive
command: "tar -xzf {{java_archive}} -C {{download_folder}} creates={{download_folder}}/{{java_name}}"
- name: Fix ownership
file: "state=directory path={{download_folder}}/{{java_name}} owner=root group=root recurse=yes"
- name: Create Java folder
file: "state=directory path={{java_folder}}"
- name: Move Java to final folder
command: "mv {{download_folder}}/{{java_name}} {{java_folder}} creates={{java_folder}}/{{java_name}}"
- name: Create symlink for easier update
file: "state=link src={{java_folder}}/{{java_name}} dest={{java_folder}}/{{java_alias}}"
- name: Make Java available for system
command: 'update-alternatives --install "/usr/bin/java" "java" "{{java_folder}}/{{java_alias}}/bin/java" 1'

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keltik85 commented May 10, 2016

The "Download Java" task only downloads some broken tar.gz file which cannot be unpacked.

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