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Quick Backup Scripts
cd /data/Backups/gbmint02/
sudo tar -zcvf "etc_$(date +"%F").tar.gz" /etc
sudo tar -zcvf "run_$(date +"%F").tar.gz" /run
sudo tar -zcvf "root_$(date +"%F").tar.gz" /root
sudo tar -zcvf "var_$(date +"%F").tar.gz" /var
sudo tar --exclude="$HOME/.cache" --exclude="$HOME/.config.old" --exclude="$HOME/Dropbox" --exclude="$HOME/code/go/pkg" -zcvf "${SUDO_USER}_$(date +"%F").tar.gz" $HOME
$ snap list
Name Version Rev Tracking Publisher Notes
aws-cli 1.16.129 143 stable aws✓ classic
bitwarden 1.14.0 17 stable bitwarden✓ -
core 16-2.38 6673 stable canonical✓ core
core18 18 782 stable canonical✓ base
gtk-common-themes 0.1-16-g2287c87 1198 stable canonical✓ -
notepad-plus-plus 7.6.4 195 stable mmtrt -
skype 66 stable skype✓ classic
wine-platform-i386 1.0 25 stable mmtrt -
#Backup apt sources
mkdir /data/Backups/gbmint02/apt
cd /data/Backups/gbmint02/apt
dpkg --get-selections > Package.list
sudo cp -R /etc/apt/sources.list* .
sudo apt-key exportall > Repo.keys
#can be installed on mint live distro once you get Internet working
sudo -sE
apt-install fsarchiver
fsarchiver probe
#Note: if saving to fat32 have to add -s 1024 to split into 1GB sized files
#Or use -c - to prompt for a password
fsarchiver savefs /data/Backups/gbmint02/vfat.fsa /dev/sdd1
fsarchiver savefs /data/Backups/gbmint02/ext4.fsa /dev/sdd2
fsarchiver savefs /data/Backups/gbmint02/luks.fsa /dev/sdd3
#There are also savedir options for saving just folders
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