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@gbrayut gbrayut/Output
Created Jan 12, 2016

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Testing TagOverride
2016/01/12 16:12:26 fatal: main.go:266: Type mismatch for 'conf.Conf.Tags': Expected map but found '[]map[string]interface {}'.
Host = "http://ny-gbraylx01:8070"
DisableSelf = true
BatchSize = 5000
URL = "http://ny-intapp01:8080"
CollectorExpr = 'cadvisor'
docker_name = 'k8s_(?P<container_name>[^\.]+)\.[0-9a-z]+_(?P<pod_name>[^-]+)'
docker_id = '^(?P<docker_id>.{12})'
docker_name = ''
source = 'kubelet'
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