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gbuesing / nmatrix_ext.rb
Last active Aug 28, 2015
NMatrix non-contiguous row/col selection extension
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require 'nmatrix/nmatrix'
NMatrix.class_eval do
def row(row_number, get_by = :copy)
if row_numbers = get_row_or_col_index_array(row_number)
out = [row_numbers.length, cols], default_value, dtype: dtype, stype: stype
row_numbers.each_with_index do |rownum, i|
out[i, 0..-1] = self[rownum, 0..-1]
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Declared ETags, together with Russian Doll caching, can be used to automatically mix your template and asset versions into the ETags set in your controllers. This avoids the need to blow all browser caches on each deploy and neatly contains the scope of "freshness fallout" when you tweak a view.

To include the template's version in the ETag:

  # Incorporate the cache version for this action into our ETag.
  # This allows template changes to bubble up into HTTP cache
  # freshness and bust browser caches when we make changes.
  etag do
gbuesing / temp_sensor.ino
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Arduino BLE temperature sensor w/ nRF8001
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// BLEPeripheral:
// TimerOne:
#include <TimerOne.h>
#include <SPI.h>
#include <BLEPeripheral.h>
// Pins used for Adafruit nrf8001 breakout
// See
#define BLE_REQ 10
#define BLE_RDY 2
gbuesing / pca.rb
Created Mar 30, 2015
Principal Component Analysis in Ruby
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# Ruby implementation of PCA as described in:
# A tutorial on Principal Components Analysis
# Lindsay I Smith February 26, 2002
# Install:
# brew install gsl
# brew install gnuplot --with-x11
gbuesing / linear_regressor.rb
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Multivariate linear regression in Ruby - adapted from example from Andrew Ng's Machine Learning Coursera class
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require 'narray' # gem install narray
class LinearRegressor
attr_reader :theta, :mean, :std, :cost_history
def initialize opts = {}
@alpha = opts[:alpha] || 0.01
@iterations = opts[:iterations] || 400
gbuesing / ugly couchrest hacks.rb
Created Mar 20, 2009 — forked from will/ugly couchrest hacks.rb
Hash hacks so that CouchRest::Document plays nice with Rails routes
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# Hacks so that CouchRest::Document, which descends from Hash,
# doesn't appear to Rails routing as a Hash of options
class Hash
def self.===(other)
return false if other.is_a?(CouchRest::Document)
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ActionController::Base.class_eval do
# Returns true or false if a request is verified. Checks:
# * is the format restricted? By default, only HTML requests are checked.
# * is it a GET request? Gets should be safe and idempotent
# * Does the form_authenticity_token match the given token value from the params?
def self.verified_request?
!protect_against_forgery? ||
View rack_honeypot.rb
# Returns a blank 200 OK response for any form posts that include a value for the honeypot field
module Rack
class Honeypot
def initialize(app, field_name)
@app = app
@field_name = field_name
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20_000 times
user system total real
Time.parse: 3.810000 0.020000 3.830000 ( 3.870988)
Time.parse_gm: 0.420000 0.190000 0.610000 ( 0.596905)
Time.parse_mktime: 0.520000 0.180000 0.700000 ( 0.707689)
Time.parse_maketime: 0.700000 0.190000 0.890000 ( 0.899610)
Time.parse_utc: 0.390000 0.180000 0.570000 ( 0.575244)
Time::mktime_with_offset: 0.760000 0.210000 0.970000 ( 0.965841)
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require 'date'
class Article < Hash
def initialize(hsh={})
def ==(other)
if other.is_a?(Date)
self[:date] == other