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A small script for pulling current amazon bestseller rankings and dropping them into a json file.
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# A small script for scraping current amazon bestseller rankings to json.
import time
import json
import requests
from contextlib import suppress
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
def build_url(domain='', year=None, subcategory_n=None, page_n=None):
"""Builds a amazon bestseller url suitable for subsequent scraping."""
if year:
url = f'https://www.{domain}/gp/bestsellers/{str(year)}/books'
url = f'https://www.{domain}/gp/bestsellers/books'
if subcategory_n: url += '/' + str(subcategory_n)
if page_n: url += f'/?pg={str(page_n)}'
return url
def get_raw_page(url):
"""Returns the raw text of a url if requests call GETs it successfully."""
r = requests.get(url)
print(f'{url} --- {r.status_code}')
if r.ok:
return r.text
def get_clean_ranked_list_from_scraped_page(scraped_page):
"""Processes a scraped page (ignoring all exceptions) to a ranked list."""
soup = BeautifulSoup(scraped_page, 'lxml')
raw_items = soup.find_all('li', attrs={'class':'zg-item-immersion','role':'gridcell'})
ranked_list = []
for item in raw_items:
details = {'rank': None,
'title': None,
'author': None,
'title_link': None,
'book_type': None,
'raw_price': None,
'average_stars': None,
'n_reviews': None}
with suppress(Exception):
details['rank'] = int(item.find('span', attrs={'class':'zg-badge-text'}).text.replace('#',''))
details['title'] = item.find('a', attrs={'class':'a-link-normal'}).text.strip()
details['author'] = item.find('div', attrs={'class':'a-row a-size-small'}).find('a', attrs={'class':'a-size-small a-link-child'}).text
details['title_link'] = item.find('a', attrs={'class':'a-link-normal'}).attrs['href']
details['book_type'] = item.find('span', attrs={'class':'a-size-small a-color-secondary'}).text
details['raw_price'] = item.find('span', attrs={'class':'p13n-sc-price'}).text
details['average_stars'] = item.find('div', attrs={'class':'a-icon-row a-spacing-none'}).find('a', attrs={'class':'a-link-normal'}).attrs['title']
details['n_reviews'] = item.find('div', attrs={'class':'a-icon-row a-spacing-none'}).find('a', attrs={'class':'a-size-small a-link-normal'}).text
return ranked_list
def scrape_rankings(domain='', year=None, subcategory_n=None):
"""Conducts a multi-page scrape and returns dict of scrape results."""
scrape_start_time = time.time()
top_hundred = []
for page_n in [1,2]:
url = build_url(domain, year, subcategory_n, page_n)
raw = get_raw_page(url)
if raw:
ranked_list = get_clean_ranked_list_from_scraped_page(raw)
if isinstance(ranked_list, list): top_hundred += ranked_list
scrape_end_time = time.time()
results = {'scrape_start_time': scrape_start_time,
'scrape_end_time': scrape_end_time,
'subcategory_number': subcategory_n,
'rankings': top_hundred,
'full_listing_collected': len(top_hundred) == 100,
'base_domain': domain,
'filter_year': year,
'target_url': build_url(domain, year, subcategory_n)}
return results
def construct_filename_from_scrape_dict(scrape_dict):
"""Constructs a sensible filename using available details in a scrape."""
start_time = scrape_dict['scrape_start_time']
base_domain = scrape_dict['base_domain']
fname = f'{str(int(start_time))}_{base_domain.replace(".","")}_bestseller_books_scrape'
if scrape_dict['filter_year']: fname += '_' + str(scrape_dict['filter_year'])
if scrape_dict['subcategory_number']: fname += '_subcat_' + str(scrape_dict['subcategory_number'])
return fname + '.json'
def main(domain='', year=None, subcategories=None):
"""Runs a minimal scrape and outputs the json result."""
if isinstance(subcategories, list):
for subcategory_n in subcategories:
rankings = scrape_rankings(domain, year, subcategory_n)
if rankings:
fname = construct_filename_from_scrape_dict(rankings)
with open(''.join(['./data/',fname]),'w+') as f:
json.dump(rankings, f)
rankings = scrape_rankings(domain, year)
if rankings:
fname = construct_filename_from_scrape_dict(rankings)
with open(''.join(['./data/',fname]),'w+') as f:
json.dump(rankings, f)
if __name__ == "__main__":
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