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Forked from benhoskings/chef.rb
Created Apr 13, 2010
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def 'chef installed' do
requires 'chef', 'ohai'
define_var :server_name, :default => shell('hostname -f')
# this needs to go somewhere, like ~/solo.rb
solo_rb = %Q{
file_cache_path "/tmp/chef-solo"
cookbook_path "/tmp/chef-solo/cookbooks"
recipe_url ""
# somewhere like ~/chef.json
chef_json = %Q{
"bootstrap": {
"chef": {
"url_type": "http",
"init_style": "runit",
"path": "/srv/chef",
"serve_path": "/srv/chef",
"server_fqdn": "#{var :server_name}",
"webui_enabled": true
"run_list": [ "recipe[bootstrap::server]" ]
gem 'chef'
gem 'ohai'
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