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Expand Plugin.cs from MS CRM SDK with the following PluginProcessingSteps() method
public class Plugin : IPlugin
/// <summary>
/// The methods exposes the RegisteredEvents as a collection of tuples
/// containing:
/// - The full assembly name of the class containing the RegisteredEvents
/// - The Pipeline Stage
/// - The Event Operation
/// - Logical Entity Name (or empty for all)
/// This will allow to instantiate each plug-in and iterate through the
/// PluginProcessingSteps in order to sync the code repository with
/// MS CRM without have to use any extra layer to perform this operation
/// </summary>
/// <returns></returns>
public IEnumerable<Tuple<string, int, string, string>> PluginProcessingSteps()
var className = this.ChildClassName;
foreach (var events in this.RegisteredEvents)
yield return new Tuple<string, int, string, string>
(className, events.Item1, events.Item2, events.Item3);
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