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pixeltrix / routes.rb
Created Oct 29, 2010
Examples of advanced Rails 3.0 routes
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Rails.application.routes.draw do
get '/(:locale)/products/(:category)/(page/:page).:extension',
:to => 'products#index',
:as => :products,
:constraints => {
:locale => /[a-z]{2}/,
:category => /.+?/,
:page => /\d+/
skagedal / underscore-pickrandom.js
Created Jan 31, 2012
pickRandom mixin for underscore
View underscore-pickrandom.js
// underscore-pickrandom.js
// (c) 2012 Simon Kågedal Reimer
// This file is freely distributable under the MIT license.
// _.pickRandom - a mixin for underscore.js.
// Pick random elements from an array. Works similar to
// `_.first(_.shuffle(array, n))`, but is more efficient -- operates
// in time proportional to `n` rather than the length of the whole
// array.
tancnle / gist:2969692
Created Jun 22, 2012
Fix incorrect Nokogiri loaded libraries
View gist:2969692

Every time I upgrade libxml2 via Homebrew, running cucumber test will post an annoying warning message

WARNING: Nokogiri was built against LibXML version 2.7.3, but has dynamically loaded 2.8.0

To fix it:

$ gem uninstall nokogiri
$ brew link libxml2
$ gem install nokogiri -- --with-xml2-include=/usr/local/Cellar/libxml2/2.8.0/include/libxml2 --with-xml2-lib=/usr/local/Cellar/libxml2/2.8.0/lib --with-xslt-dir=/usr/local/Cellar/libxslt/1.1.26
alvinlai / .gitignore
Created Jul 1, 2012 — forked from mybuddymichael/.gitignore
Starter Stasis project
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ElliotChong /
Last active Dec 20, 2015
Adds drawArc, drawRoundRect, and drawSlice methods to Pixi.js's Graphics object.
toRad = (p_angle) ->
return (p_angle - 90) * Math.PI / 180
for method in ["drawArc", "drawRoundRect", "drawSlice"]
if PIXI.Graphics.prototype[method]? then console.warn "PixiJS already has an #{method} method defined. It's recommended that you update your code to use the official implementation."
PIXI.Graphics.prototype.drawArc = (p_x, p_y, p_radius, p_startAngle, p_endAngle) ->
totalAngle = p_endAngle - p_startAngle
segments = Math.ceil Math.abs(Math.sqrt(1 - Math.pow (1 - Math.min(p_radius / 60, 1)), 2) * totalAngle * p_radius * 0.01)
anglePerSegment = totalAngle / segments
iwasrobbed / gist:1032395
Created Jun 17, 2011
Amazon S3 Query String Authentication for Ruby on Rails
View gist:1032395
def generate_secure_s3_url(s3_key)
# s3_key would be a path (including filename) to the file like: "folder/subfolder/filename.jpg"
# but it should NOT contain the bucket name or a leading forward-slash
# this was built using these instructions:
s3_base_url = MyApp::Application::S3_BASE_URL # i.e.
tvandervossen / gist:1231476
Created Sep 21, 2011
Mobile Safari viewport sizes on iOS 4.3 and 5
View gist:1231476
1024 × 690 In landscape on iOS 4.3
1024 × 672 In landscape on iOS 5
768 × 946 In portrait on iOS 4.3
768 × 928 In portrait on iOS 5
1024 × 660 Always showing bookmarks bar in landscape on iOS 4.3
1024 × 644 Always showing bookmarks bar in landscape on iOS 5
768 × 916 Always showing bookmarks bar in portrait on iOS 4.3
chriseppstein / 1_slower_sprite_file.scss
Created Dec 20, 2010
This gist demonstrates how a generated sprite file can be optimized to shave some time off your compile.
View 1_slower_sprite_file.scss
@import "compass/utilities/sprites/base";
// General Sprite Defaults
// You can override them before you import this file.
$emblem-sprite-base-class: ".emblem-sprite" !default;
$emblem-sprite-dimensions: false !default;
$emblem-position: 0% !default;
$emblem-spacing: 0 !default;
$emblem-repeat: no-repeat !default;
victorb / gist:4181764
Last active May 7, 2017 — forked from davatron5000/gist:2254924
Static Site Generators
View gist:4181764

This is an updated fork of the gist located here:

Backstory: I decided to crowdsource static site generator recommendations, so the following are actual real world suggested-to-me results. I then took those and sorted them by language/server and, just for a decent relative metric, their Github Watcher count. If you want a heap of other projects (including other languages like Haskell and Python) Nanoc has the mother of all site generator lists. If you recommend another one, by all means add a comment.


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