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react-router-dom useLoaderData example
(ns crudis.ui.routes.countries
["react-router-dom" :refer [useLoaderData]]
[crudis.util.helix :refer [defnc]]
[helix-window.fixed-size-list :as fsl]
[helix.core :as hx :refer [$ <> fnc]]
[helix.dom :as d :refer [div]]
[paqueta.fetch :as fetch]
[promesa.core :as p]
(defn loader
(p/let [resp (fetch/get "/api/countries")]
(if (= (:status resp) 200)
(:body resp)
(defnc CountriesView
(let [countries (useLoaderData)]
($ fsl/FixedSizeList
{:height 150
:witdh 300
:item-data countries
:item-count (count countries)
:item-size 25}
(fnc [{:keys [index style data]
:as p}]
(div {:style style :key index}
(-> (get data index)
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