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function supportsDisplay(handlerInput) {
// returns true if the skill is running on a device with a display (Echo Show, Echo Spot, etc.)
// Enable your skill for display as shown here:
return handlerInput.requestEnvelope.context &&
handlerInput.requestEnvelope.context.System &&
handlerInput.requestEnvelope.context.System.device &&
handlerInput.requestEnvelope.context.System.device.supportedInterfaces &&
handlerInput.requestEnvelope.context.System.device.supportedInterfaces.Display &&
function APLsupport(handlerInput) {
const Interface = handlerInput.requestEnvelope.context.System.device.supportedInterfaces;
return Interface['Alexa.Presentation.APL'];
if (!APLsupport(handlerInput)) {
return handlerInput.responseBuilder
.speak('APL no está soportado')
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