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Gerry gerrywastaken

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View angular_resource_get_callback.js
$scope.weatherResult = $scope.weatherApi.get(
{ q: $, cnt: 2 },
function(result) {
View famous-101-positioning-4-simplified.js
var Engine = require('famous/core/Engine');
var Surface = require('famous/core/Surface');
var StateModifier = require('famous/modifiers/StateModifier');
var Transform = require('famous/core/Transform');
var mainContext = Engine.createContext();
function translateModifier(){
return new StateModifier({
transform: Transform.translate(200, 0, 0)
gerrywastaken / gist:85d5d13408d0dc4ed7db
Created Aug 12, 2014
Inconsistent reporting when accessing something that doesn't exist
View gist:85d5d13408d0dc4ed7db
irb(main):017:0> val = RBENV_VERSI0N
NameError: uninitialized constant RBENV_VERSI0N
from (irb):17
from /Users/gerardcaulfield/.rbenv/versions/2.1.2/bin/irb:11:in `<main>' # Fair enough
irb(main):018:0> val = rbenv_versi0n
NameError: undefined local variable or method `rbenv_versi0n' for main:Object
from (irb):18
from /Users/gerardcaulfield/.rbenv/versions/2.1.2/bin/irb:11:in `<main>' # Oh right
View gist:2c59bb5602e5a41b0dba
require "delegate"
class CollectionProxy
def products
@products ||=[])
@products.associated_class ||= Product
View rvm ruby install issue
me@debian:/storage/webstore$ sudo ./ stable --ruby=1.9.3 --debug
Turning on debug mode.
Running(1): Selected RVM branch stableDownloading
Running(1): Running(15): curl --fail --location --max-redirs 10 --connect-timeout 30 --retry-delay 2 --retry 3 -sS -o /usr/local/rvm/archives/rvm-stable.tgzRunning(1): Running(6): tar xzf /usr/local/rvm/archives/rvm-stable.tgz --no-same-owner --strip-components 1step> 'system_installation_check' started
step< 'system_installation_check' finished with status 0 in 0.001156285 seconds
step> 'setup_rvm_group_and_users' started
Group 'rvm' already exists
step< 'setup_rvm_group_and_users' finished with status 0 in 0.002343942 seconds
step> 'print_install_header' started
gerrywastaken / readonly_example.rb
Created Jun 28, 2012
Make attributes as read only and add errors to the columns
View readonly_example.rb
[:first_name=, :last_name=].each do |current|
alias_attribute current, :read_only
def read_only attribute
attribute_name = caller[0][/`([^=']*)='/, 1] # Matches after first ` until = or ' is reached.
error_message = "sorry #{attribute_name} is read-only"
self.errors.add(attribute_name, error_message)
gerrywastaken / compas-bootstrap-box-shadow.css.sass
Created Jun 12, 2012
Some simple mixins that allow you to add Bootstrap's box shaddow styling to other classes that Bootstrap doesn't address.
View compas-bootstrap-box-shadow.css.sass
@import "compass/css3/box-shadow"
@import "compass/css3/transition"
$bs-box-shadow-default-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.075)
$bs-box-shadow-focus-color: rgb(82, 168, 236)
@mixin bs-default-box-shadow
@include box-shadow(inset 0 1px 1px $bs-box-shadow-default-color)
@mixin bs-box-shadow
gerrywastaken / settingGlobalsTest.bash
Created Dec 13, 2011
Demonstrating how to call a function in Bash that updates a global without the global actually getting updated. =P
View settingGlobalsTest.bash
echo "World!";
#Output the return value directly
gerrywastaken / BsTester.php
Created Oct 17, 2011
A simple class to illustrate the inaccuracy of an answer on StackOverflow which has currently been upvoted by at least 23 "programmers" without a single one noticing this incorrect statement.
View BsTester.php
* Just a simple demonstration after seeing an answer on StackOverflow relating to code auditing which despite
* gathering the most votes by far (currently 23) includes the following clearly inaccurate statement without
* a single comment pointing out the inaccurate claim.
* ========================================================================================================
* Quote from the current top answer on
* ========================================================================================================
* Accidental Assignment — More often than not, you'll see this happen in some non-critical component of the
* code, where it can sleep and/or lurk until you get an unexpected result one day: if ($foo = $this->bar()).