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MySQL rake task for rails to copy the content of the production database to the development database. Please note that the current development database will be DROPPED!
# it's not working
namespace :db do
namespace :mysql do
desc "Overwrite the whole development db with a copy of the production db"
task :init_dev do
config = YAML.load("config/database.yml"))
d = config["development"]
p = config["production"]
unless d["adapter"] == "mysql" and
p["adapter"] == "mysql"
raise "This task works only on mysql"
drop_dev_db = "mysqladmin \
drop #{d["database"]} \
-h #{d["host"]} \
-u #{d["username"]} \
create_dev_db = "mysqladmin \
create #{d["database"]} \
-h #{d["host"]} \
-u #{d["username"]} \
dump_prod_db = "mysqldump \
-h #{p["host"]} \
-u #{p["username"]} \
-p#{p["password"]} \
#{p["database"]} \
> /tmp/db_mysql_init_dev.sql"
populate_dev_db = "mysql \
-h #{d["host"]} \
-u #{d["username"]} \
-p#{d["password"]} \
#{d["database"]} \
< /tmp/db_mysql_init_dev.sql "
puts drop_dev_db
print "(drop the development database) ... "
puts "done."
puts create_dev_db
print "(create a new development database) ..."
puts "done."
puts dump_prod_db
print "(dump the production database) ..."
puts populate_dev_db
puts "done."
print "(populate the development database) ..."
puts "done."
`rm /tmp/db_mysql_init_dev.sql`

ajtack commented May 23, 2010

I'm so glad you wrote this! Any particular reason you decided to dump to a file, instead of piping from one to the other?


ggonnella commented May 24, 2010

I did it to keep it simple... On the system I wrote it, this was OK, since the DB is small and writing to a file did not impact the performance... if you write the pipe version, maybe you can gist it too...

jumph4x commented Dec 21, 2010

Good stuff! Thanks

Very helpful. I wasn't aware of how rake tasks work, so for newbies, save this file in lib/tasks and simply call

rake db:mysql:init_dev

I also needed to change 'mysql' to 'mysql2' in two instances (the unless block at the top)

Note that if the database contains sensitive user information (even emails or encrypted passwords), this can be a security risk. Consider sanitizing all but a few accounts needed for testing as part of the process.

cbron commented Oct 1, 2012

Also it looks like you left the original database name in the drop db line. Other than that it works like a charm.

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