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jameswilson / .gitlab-ci.yml
Last active April 15, 2024 09:12
GitLab CI build and deploy to Acquia
- Deploy
# @todo implement a Build and Test step to verify code quality before deploy
# IMPORTANT: `acli push:artifact` leverages composer internally to build dependencies, so no separate build step is required.
'Deploy to Acquia':
image: php:8.2
stage: Deploy
mountbatt / ZOE-Widget.js
Last active June 9, 2024 02:58
Scriptable iOS widget that displays the status of your Renault ZOE (or Megane, Dacia Spring) on your iPhone and iPad.
// Variables used by Scriptable.
// These must be at the very top of the file. Do not edit.
// icon-color: light-gray; icon-glyph: car;
// version 2024-04-19
// latest changes:
// new kameron api key
// added language strings so you can translate it by yourself!
// add your my-renault account data:
// let myRenaultUser = "user" // email
markf3lton /
Last active June 14, 2019 15:39
Tokaido Quick Start

Tokaido Quick Start

Docker enables fast local environments. Tokaido gets you quickly up and running.

If you already have Docker, update to the latest version, otherwise, download Docker from You will need to login with your Docker ID and password.

Install Tokaido with Homebrew

markf3lton /
Last active July 12, 2019 20:21
DDEV quick start

DDEV Quick Start

Docker enables fast local environments. DDEV simplifies the use of Docker for PHP projects. With your project configuration can shared with others on the team and version-controlled for consistency and easier maintenance.

If you already have Docker, update to the latest version, otherwise, download Docker from You will need to login with your Docker ID and password.

Install Docker to your Applications folder as with any other app (perhaps add it to your macOS Dock as well).

Screenshot 2019-06-13 23 23 56

ispiropoulos /
Created August 28, 2018 09:16
Shelly Switch Home Assistant Component
Support for The Shelly Wifi switch.
Save this file inside ".homeassistant/custom_components/switch" (create the folders if not present) and restart HASS.
usage example:
- platform: shelly
cntlscrut / aclcreate.php
Created June 15, 2018 20:20
Quick CSV to ACL declaration function
* Read in a CSV file as taken from the command line arg
* CSV file needs to be in the same directory as this
* script for the time being
* Output is expected to be text representing an ACL
* declaration that can be copypasta'd into a VCL file.
nobodypb /
Created February 8, 2017 22:59
Script for moving packages on a synology disk station from one volume to another - EXPERIMENTAL!
while getopts ":y" opt; do
case $opt in
SqyD / acquia-pipelines.yml
Last active November 22, 2016 11:37
Acquia Pipelines script to assemble from various git sources
version: 1.0.0
- build:
type: script
- bash -e scripts/
typhonius /
Last active January 27, 2021 10:01
This script can generate image derivatives for Drupal for warming up the filesystem prior to going live. Image derivative generation puts an amount of load on the servers so it images have been migrated from another server with no derivatives, it may be useful to pre-generate using this script.
* Implements hook_drush_command().
function seed_derivatives_drush_command() {
$items = array();
$items['seed_derivatives'] = array(
'description' => "Create image derivatives",
manarth / drupal killer
Created January 8, 2013 19:42
Drupal contract, based on Andy Clarke's Killer Contract:

Technical Consultancy Contract

Between us [company name] and you [customer name]