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ghedin / make_face.cpp
Last active July 24, 2017 13:43
OCCT - Approximate Surface
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// plate builder
GeomPlate_BuildPlateSurface aPlateBuilder(Degree, NbPtsOnCur, NbIter, Tol2d, Tol3d, TolAng, TolCurv);
Standard_Real dmax = 1.1 * aPlateBuilder.G0Error();
TColgp_SequenceOfXY S2d;
TColgp_SequenceOfXYZ S3d;
aPlateBuilder.Disc2dContour(4, S2d);
aPlateBuilder.Disc3dContour(4, 0, S3d);
GeomPlate_PlateG0Criterion Criterion(S2d, S3d, dmax);
const Handle(GeomPlate_Surface)& GPlate = plateBuilder.Surface();
ghedin /
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A vector class in pure python.
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