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git csv export of commits in the last month
git log --since='last month' --pretty=format:'%h;%an;%ad;%s' --author='Ionut Colceriu' > ~/log.csv
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phily245 commented May 3, 2016

If the file fails to open in Excel, add the following on a new line at the top of the file: sep=;

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Very useful, thanks!

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avs099 commented Oct 31, 2017

add "--all" to get all commits from all branches

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gabrielsimas commented Feb 9, 2018

Thank you... you help me to create my Dataset...

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Thank you!
If the text got no commas (not guaranteed) using , as separator makes it easier to parse CSV
--date=short removes precision but makes easier to parse (Y-M-D)
git log --since='last year' --date=short --pretty=format:'%h,%an,%ad,%s' > ~/log.csv

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Thanks a Lot!!!
How to add multiple authors?

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rkvarra commented May 1, 2022

Thanks a Lot!!! How to add multiple authors?

Probably you are looking for this...

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