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Macro to retry executing some code in case of an exception
(ns test)
(defn try-times
"Try executing a thunk `retries` times."
[retries thunk]
(if-let [res (try
(catch Exception e ; can be any exception
(when (zero? retries)
(throw e))))]
(res 0)
(recur (dec retries) thunk)))
(defmacro with-retries
"Try executing `body`. In case of an exception, retry max `retries` times."
[retries & body]
`(try-times ~retries (fn [] ~@body)))
(defn some-io-operation
"Some read I/O operation that could throw an IOException."
(println "WOULD do a read operation"))
(with-retries 10 (some-io-operation))

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samaaron commented Mar 20, 2011

Out of interest, why do you evaluate the thunk within a vector on line 7? Is it necessary?


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ghoseb commented Mar 25, 2011

Sam, yes, it's required. Otherwise, it won't work for functions that return nil.

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