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Baishampayan Ghose ghoseb

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ghoseb / church_numerals.clj
Created Jun 12, 2009 — forked from jimweirich/church_numerals.clj
Church Numerals in Clojure
View church_numerals.clj
; Church Numerals in Clojure
; Church numerals use anonymous functions to represent numbers.
; ((zero f) x) -- returns x
; ((one f) x) -- return (f x)
; ((two f) x) -- return (f (f x))
; ...
(def zero (fn [f] (fn [x] x)))
View ghoseb.el
;;; ghoseb.el -- My customisations in addition to ESK
;;; Author: Baishampayan Ghose <>
;;; Time-stamp: "2009-08-01 01:44:30 ghoseb"
(require 'cl)
;;; ----------------------
;;; General customisations
;;; ----------------------
(set-scroll-bar-mode 'nil)
ghoseb / redis_memo.clj
Created Jan 1, 2010 — forked from purcell/redis_memo.clj
Clojure Memoize to Redis
View redis_memo.clj
(ns redis-memo
(:require redis)
(:import ( URLEncoder)))
;; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Default connection params
;; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(def memo-server {:host "localhost" :port 6379 :db 14})
log4j.rootLogger = DEBUG, standard
log4j.appender.standard = org.apache.log4j.RollingFileAppender
log4j.appender.standard.File = logs/project.log
log4j.appender.standard.layout = org.apache.log4j.PatternLayout
View delay.clj
(defn tests []
[{:name 'suiteA
:total 3
:tests [{:name 'testA}
{:name 'testB}
{:name 'testC}]}
{:name 'suiteB
:total 3
:tests [{:name 'testD}
{:name 'testE}
View promise.clj
(defn tests []
[{:name 'suiteA
:total 3
:passed (promise)
:failed (promise)
:success (promise)
:tests [{:name 'testA :success (promise)}
{:name 'testB :success (promise)}
{:name 'testC :success (promise)}]}
{:name 'suiteB
ghoseb / accounts.clj
Created May 4, 2010
Simple bank account code
View accounts.clj
;;; accounts.clj -- Accounts -*- Clojure -*-
;;; Time-stamp: "2010-05-04 11:17:53 ghoseb"
;;; Author: Baishampayan Ghose <>
(ns accounts)
(def *min-bal* 500)
(defstruct account
ghoseb / with-retries.clj
Created Mar 18, 2011
Macro to retry executing some code in case of an exception
View with-retries.clj
(ns test)
(defn try-times
"Try executing a thunk `retries` times."
[retries thunk]
(if-let [res (try
(catch Exception e ; can be any exception
(when (zero? retries)
(throw e))))]
ghoseb / pascal.clj
Created Jul 11, 2011
Psacal's Functional Triangle
View pascal.clj
(ns pascal)
(defn next-row
"Given one row, generate the next one."
(vec (map + (concat [0] row) (concat row [0]))))
(defn pascal
"Generate an infinite lazy sequence of Pascal rows."
ghoseb / tetris.clj
Created Sep 12, 2011 — forked from alexander-yakushev/tetris.clj
Tetris implementation in Clojure
View tetris.clj
(ns tetris.core
(:import (java.awt Color Dimension BorderLayout)
(javax.swing JPanel JFrame JOptionPane JButton JLabel)
(java.awt.event KeyListener))
(:use clojure.contrib.import-static deflayout.core
(import-static java.awt.event.KeyEvent VK_LEFT VK_RIGHT VK_DOWN VK_UP VK_SPACE)
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