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Created March 16, 2023 18:34
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Check whether an exception is a connection error
Blog post:
import errno, socket, ssl
# Network errors, usually related to DHCP or wpa_supplicant (Wi-Fi).
NETWORK_ERRNOS = frozenset((
errno.ENETUNREACH, # "Network is unreachable"
errno.ENETDOWN, # "Network is down"
errno.ENETRESET, # "Network dropped connection on reset"
errno.ENONET, # "Machine is not on the network"
def is_connection_err(exc):
"""Return True if an exception is connection-related."""
if isinstance(exc, ConnectionError):
# ConnectionError includes:
# * BrokenPipeError (EPIPE, ESHUTDOWN)
# * ConnectionAbortedError (ECONNABORTED)
# * ConnectionRefusedError (ECONNREFUSED)
# * ConnectionResetError (ECONNRESET)
return True
if isinstance(exc, socket.gaierror):
# failed DNS resolution on connect()
return True
if isinstance(exc, (socket.timeout, TimeoutError)):
# timeout on connect(), recv(), send()
return True
if isinstance(exc, OSError):
# ENOTCONN == "Transport endpoint is not connected"
return (exc.errno in NETWORK_ERRNOS) or (exc.errno == errno.ENOTCONN)
if isinstance(exc, ssl.SSLError):
# Let's consider any SSL error a connection error. Usually this is:
# * ssl.SSLZeroReturnError: "TLS/SSL connection has been closed"
# * ssl.SSLError: [SSL: BAD_LENGTH] bad length
return True
return False
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