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Select database based on URL variable
Inspired by this Django snipped:
It's assumed that any view in the system with a cfg keyword argument passed to
it from the urlconf may be routed to a separate database. for example:
url( r'^(?P<db>\w+)/account/$', 'views.account' )
The middleware and router will select a database whose alias is <db>,
"default" if no db argument is given and raise a 404 exception if not listed in
settings.DATABASES, all completely transparent to the view itself.
import threading
from django.http import Http404
request_cfg = threading.local()
class MultiDbRouterMiddleware(object):
The Multidb router middelware.
he middleware process_view (or process_request) function sets some context
from the URL into thread local storage, and process_response deletes it. In
between, any database operation will call the router, which checks for this
context and returns an appropriate database alias.
Add this to your middleware, for example:
MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES += ['bananaproject.multidb.MultiDbRouterMiddleware']
def process_view(self, request, view_func, args, kwargs):
if 'db' in kwargs:
request_cfg.db = kwargs['db']
request.SELECTED_DATABASE = request_cfg.db
def process_response(self, request, response):
if hasattr(request_cfg, 'db'):
del request_cfg.db
return response
class MultiDbRouter(object):
The multiple database router.
Add this to your Django database router configuration, for example:
DATABASE_ROUTERS += ['bananaproject.multidb.MultiDbRouter']
def _multi_db(self):
from django.conf import settings
if hasattr(request_cfg, 'db'):
if request_cfg.db in settings.DATABASES:
return request_cfg.db
raise Http404
return 'default'
def db_for_read(self, model, **hints):
if model._meta.app_label != 'banana':
return 'default'
return self._multi_db()
db_for_write = db_for_read
def multidb_context_processor(request):
This context processor will add a db_name to the request.
Add this to your Django context processors, for example:
if hasattr(request, 'SELECTED_DATABASE'):
return {'db_name': request.SELECTED_DATABASE}
return {}
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