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Thank you for this simple and clear article.
But the 10.x.x images are not working with GNS3.
I tried 10.0.10 and 10.2.0 images (PA-VM-KVM-10.0.10.qcow2) and its booting but I am not able to login.
PA-VM-KVM-10.0.10.qcow2: stuck here
[ 2.554981] random: fast init done
[ 2.659932] APIC calibration not consistent with PM-Timer: 104ms instead of 100ms
[ 2.670935] APIC delta adjusted to PM-Timer: 6250253 (6562457)
[ 2.678596] Performance Events: Broken PMU hardware detected, using software events only.
[ 2.692798] Failed to access perfctr msr (MSR c2 is 0)
[ 2.703386] smpboot: Booting Node 0, Processors #1 OK
PA-VM-KVM-10.2.0.qcow2: unable to log in with admin/admin (also the prompt says PA-HDF login: )
File "/usr/local/bin/vm_license_check", line 475, in main
cmds[cmd](vmhost, **func_args)
File "/usr/local/bin/vm_license_check", line 409, in vm_license_boot_init
logit(log, "Exception %s in license boot init" %(str(e)))
UnboundLocalError: local variable 'str' referenced before assignment
[ OK ]
Masterd started successfully
vm login: admin
Login incorrect
PA-HDF login: admin
Login incorrect
PA-HDF login:
any guess ?
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