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Example: Parallel processing in PHP using pcntl_fork()
* @file
* Basic demonstration of how to do parallel threads in PHP.
// This array of "tasks" could be anything. For demonstration purposes
// these are just strings, but they could be a callback, class or
// include file (hell, even code-as-a-string to pass to eval()).
$tasks = [
// This loop creates a new fork for each of the items in $tasks.
foreach ($tasks as $task) {
$pid = pcntl_fork();
if ($pid == -1) {
exit("Error forking...\n");
else if ($pid == 0) {
// This while loop holds the parent process until all the child threads
// are complete - at which point the script continues to execute.
while(pcntl_waitpid(0, $status) != -1);
// You could have more code here.
echo "Do stuff after all parallel execution is complete.\n";
* Helper method to execute a task.
function execute_task($task_id) {
echo "Starting task: ${task_id}\n";
// Simulate doing actual work with sleep().
$execution_time = rand(5, 10);
echo "Completed task: ${task_id}. Took ${execution_time} seconds.\n";
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