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Download large files in rust with progress bar using reqwest, future_util and indicatif
// you need this in your cargo.toml
// reqwest = { version = "0.11.3", features = ["stream"] }
// futures-util = "0.3.14"
// indicatif = "0.15.0"
use std::cmp::min;
use std::fs::File;
use std::io::Write;
use reqwest::Client;
use indicatif::{ProgressBar, ProgressStyle};
use futures_util::StreamExt;
pub async fn download_file(client: &Client, url: &str, path: &str) -> Result<(), String> {
// Reqwest setup
let res = client
.or(Err(format!("Failed to GET from '{}'", &url)))?;
let total_size = res
.ok_or(format!("Failed to get content length from '{}'", &url))?;
// Indicatif setup
let pb = ProgressBar::new(total_size);
.template("{msg}\n{} [{elapsed_precise}] [{wide_bar:.cyan/blue}] {bytes}/{total_bytes} ({bytes_per_sec}, {eta})")
pb.set_message(&format!("Downloading {}", url));
// download chunks
let mut file = File::create(path).or(Err(format!("Failed to create file '{}'", path)))?;
let mut downloaded: u64 = 0;
let mut stream = res.bytes_stream();
while let Some(item) = {
let chunk = item.or(Err(format!("Error while downloading file")))?;
.or(Err(format!("Error while writing to file")))?;
let new = min(downloaded + (chunk.len() as u64), total_size);
downloaded = new;
pb.finish_with_message(&format!("Downloaded {} to {}", url, path));
return Ok(());
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lennartkloock commented Feb 10, 2022

Yes, I agree. It is important to use write_all instead of write, otherwise it won't work

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giuliano-oliveira commented Feb 10, 2022

Makes perfect sense, thanks @orhun @lennartkloock

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Tails commented Jun 23, 2022

Does .get().send().await not immediately retrieve the whole response body to memory?

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