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Exporting data from Pivotal Tracker is a pain in the ass. The following scripts let you download all the stories of a given project, and then (optionally) extract all the attachments linked to those, and download them
"""Download stories of a Pivotal Tracker project.
You need the project ID (an int) and your API token. The latter can be
obtained in ````, or using curl::
$ curl -u username:password -X GET
import getpass
import pickle
import urllib2
from xml.dom import minidom
__version__ = '0.1.0'
__author__ = 'German Larrain'
project_id = raw_input("Project ID: ")
auth_token = getpass.getpass("Auth token: ")
url_template = ""
url = url_template % project_id
req = urllib2.Request(url, None, {'X-TrackerToken': auth_token})
response = urllib2.urlopen(req)
dom = minidom.parseString(
dom_as_xml = dom.toxml(encoding='utf-8')
pickle_filename = "xml_stories_%s.p" % project_id
pickle.dump(dom_as_xml, open(pickle_filename, 'wb'))
"""Download stories attachments of a Pivotal Tracker project.
The shell scripts in this directory do not contain the actual code of them
but the instructions of how to get it.
Since I'm not the author of those scripts, I can't post them in this gist
without his permission.
import getpass
import os
import pickle
import xml.dom.minidom
__version__ = '0.1.0'
__author__ = 'German Larrain'
def get_attachment_metadata(element_attachment):
def get_data_for_tag(tag_name):
elements_tag = element_attachment.getElementsByTagName(tag_name)
assert len(elements_tag) == 1
element_tag = elements_tag[0]
assert len(element_tag.childNodes) == 1
node_attachment_tag = element_tag.childNodes[0]
assert not node_attachment_tag.hasChildNodes()
return (
def download_attachments(attachments_metadata, dir=None):
user = raw_input("Account user: ")
password = getpass.getpass("Account password: ")
exit_status = os.system("bash %s %s" % (user, password))
if exit_status:
print("`` failed. Exit code: %s" % exit_status)
for metadata in attachments_metadata:
file_id = metadata[0]
server_filename = metadata[1]
filename = "%s - %s" % (file_id, server_filename)
file_path = filename if dir is None else os.path.join(dir, filename)
print("downloading %s" % file_id)
exit_status = os.system(
'bash %s "%s"' % (file_id, file_path))
if exit_status:
print("`` failed. Exit code: %s" % exit_status)
def main():
pickle_filename = raw_input("pickled file: ") # xml_stories_423507.p
pickle_file = open(pickle_filename, 'rb')
dom_as_xml = pickle.load(pickle_file)
dom = xml.dom.minidom.parseString(dom_as_xml)
elements_stories = dom.getElementsByTagName('stories')
assert len(dom.getElementsByTagName('stories')) == 1
element_stories = elements_stories[0]
elements_story = element_stories.getElementsByTagName('story')
print("number of stories: %s" % len(elements_story))
elements_attachments_dict = {}
attachments_metadata = []
for ix, story in enumerate(elements_story):
element_attachments = story.getElementsByTagName('attachments')
if element_attachments:
elements_attachments_dict[ix] = element_attachments
print("number of stories with attachment(s): %s" %
for key in elements_attachments_dict:
assert len(elements_attachments_dict[key]) == 1
element_attachments = elements_attachments_dict[key][0]
story_elements_attachment = element_attachments.getElementsByTagName('attachment')
assert len(story_elements_attachment) >= 1
for element_attachment in story_elements_attachment:
print("number of attachments: %s" % len(attachments_metadata))
if attachments_metadata:
download_attachments(attachments_metadata, dir="attachments")
print("[INFO] There are no attachments to be downloaded")
if __name__ == '__main__':
# get the second script in
# (I haven't requested author's permission to post his code here)
# and replace the last line with:
# curl --silent --cookie cjar --cookie-jar cjar --output "$OUT_FILE" "$BASE_URL$ATT_ID"
# (I had to quote $OUT_FILE so the filename could have spaces)
# get the first script in
# (I haven't requested author's permission to post his code here)
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Hi! Is this really works? Can you give me instructions to work this out? I'll appreciate it! I'm not a dev and I have to export from pivotal with attachments.
Thank you in advance!

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do you have means to extract story activity and review activities?

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