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Demonstrates how to programatically call the Azure CLI. The pattern below only works for synchronous invocation where each command is only called after the other completes.
//requires azure and async modules
var util = require('util');
var cli = require('./node_modules/azure-cli/lib/cli');
var async = require('async');
var called = 0;
function initializeCli() {
//setup the cli
cli.exit = function () {
//don't exit
// args must be cli commands followed by a callback of the form function(error,result)
// each time this is called it takes over the log function for the cli,
// so invokeCli should only get called after the previous invocation finishes
// note: the cli is async (not blocking), however there's no context passed when the log function is called that could correlate
// back to the caller, thus the only way to ensure that is to serialize the calls.
function invokeCli() {
var newArgs = ["node", "azure"];
var args =;
args = newArgs.concat(args.slice(0, arguments.length -1), "--json");
var callback = arguments[arguments.length-1];
if (!( == '[object Function]')) {
var error = "Last parameter must be a callback";
throw error;
//only works if you ensure to call invokeCli in a serial fashion.
cli.output.log = function(level, type, data) {
if(type === "table") {
callback(undefined, data);
cli.output.error = function(message) {
//example usage
//call this once
console.log("fetching sites, vm locations, and vm images\n");
//using async here to ensure calls are serialized and avoid the christmas tree of callbacks
function(callback) {
invokeCli("site", "list",callback)
function(results,callback) {
invokeCli("vm", "location", "list", callback);
function(results,callback) {
invokeCli("vm", "image", "list", callback);
function(results,callback) {
invokeCli("does_not_exist", callback);
function(results,callback) {
console.log("I should not run because the previous function failed");
function(results, callback) {
callback(null, 'done');
function(err, results) {
console.log("Error:" + err);
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