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Guillaume M. gm4s

  • London
  • Twitter @GM4s_
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View events_test.json
"events": [{
"category": "signup",
"tag": "landing ",
"type": "screen",
"platform": "mobile",
"name": "signup_s_landing"
}, {
"category": "signup",
"tag": "terms and condition clicked",
# Project-wide Gradle settings.
# IDE (e.g. Android Studio) users:
# Settings specified in this file will override any Gradle settings
# configured through the IDE.
# For more details on how to configure your build environment visit
# Specifies the JVM arguments used for the daemon process.
View flow-signup.json
"_self": "myapp://signup/landing",
"_next": {
"state": [
"uri": "myapp://signup/gender",
"name": "gender",
"_next": {
"state": [
View proguard rules
# This is a configuration file for ProGuard.
# Optimization is turned off by default. Dex does not like code run
# through the ProGuard optimize and preverify steps (and performs some
# of these optimizations on its own).
View PipeErrorTransformer.kt
class NeverErrorTransformer<T>(
private val errorAction: Consumer<Throwable>?
) : ObservableTransformer<T, T> {
constructor() : this(null)
override fun apply(upstream: Observable<T>): ObservableSource<T> {
return upstream
.doOnError { e: Throwable ->